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Joint Marketing Fund

The Joint Marketing Fund (JMF) is a special market development fund that is managed by Huawei in a unified way and aims to support the channel partners in carrying out marketing activities that help increase sales and enhance the brand image

Eligibility :

  • Distributors and VAPs
  • Demo products purchase
  • Marketing activities executed by channel partners; the specific activity types include the following:

Requirements :

Huawei bears a maximum of 50% of the total amount of a JMF activity and the part exceeding the available amount is borne by the partners themselves. The amount applied for by the partners for one activity cannot exceed US$10,000.

The channel partner's certification must be valid throughout the JMF period.

The channel partner must meet or exceed the minimum performance requirement.

The channel partner must execute the activities as required and complete acceptance according to the standards.

The channel partners are prohibited from using the JMF to fund the following activities:

  • Purchase large-amount gifts; if the JMF is to be used to purchase door gifts or for lottery purposes in large channel marketing activities, the total amount of rewards cannot exceed 15% of the total budget of the activity.
  • Pay entertainment expenses.   

Activity Type

Activity Description

Partner Recruiting/Planning

Huawei channel partner recruitment and market planning activities initiated by distributors.

Advertising and Branding

Advertising campaigns led by channel partners that aim to improve Huawei-partner co-brand awareness, including advertising in print publications, outdoor locations, TV and radio; and Internet website banners, click-throughs, pop-up windows, search keywords, and search rankings.


Customer experience activities organized by channel partners that aim to promote Huawei products and solutions, such as visits to exhibition halls or showcases developed by Huawei as well as those developed by channel partners approved by Huawei.

Collateral and Sales Tools

Publicity materials, articles, or tools developed by channel partners to promote and sell Huawei products, including brochures, product manuals, rolling banners, demo videos, and translations fees.

Corporate Sponsorship

Huawei sponsors channel partner participation in activities or event marketing organized by third parties where partners represent the Huawei-partner co-brand.

This support excludes exhibition activities.

Direct Mail (DM)/ Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

Mail/email marketing of Huawei products led by channel partners.


Telemarketing of Huawei products led by channel partners.

Promotional Items

Inexpensive items developed by channel partners to promote the Huawei-partner co-brand, including trinkets, tokens, clothes, and other items for daily use.

Note: the value of these items must comply with laws and regulations of the local country concerning anti-corruption and gambling.


Seminars organized by channel partners to promote Huawei products and solutions; multiple customers are invited to each seminar.


Exhibitions initiated by third-party industry organizations or institutions to promote technologies and solutions; channel partners represent Huawei products and solutions in these exhibitions.


Sales, technology promotion, and training activities led by channel partners through the Internet. The following expenses can be claimed for webcasts: script development, content creation, purchase of contact-person lists, sending invitation letters, and related expenses.

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