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Scientific Support for Decision Making

Big data is now national strategy.

Much of a government’s work in the public sector — offering services that improve the lives of citizens — can be better performed using the power of big data analytics.

Resource allocation, disaster response, workforce effectiveness: all benefit from the integration and sharing of information through big data platforms, spanning layers, regions, departments, systems, and services.

Huawei’s Government Big Data Solutions, based on the FusionInsight big data platform, include clouds, data lakes, and a unified platform, providing an architecture and development pipeline for data application development support services.

The future is on.

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  • Scientific Decision Making

    Through data sharing and centralization, software conducts intuitive statistical analyses and deep mining of government data, providing scientific support for decision making.

  • Effective Social Governance

    Efficient collection, integration, and utilization of government and social data, ultimately improves the accuracy, effectiveness, and capacity of social governance.

  • Efficient Services

    By gaining insights of current situations and optimizing the allocation of resources, the scope, content, and overall quality of a variety of services is improved.

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