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GSM-R Solution

As high speed railroad traffic grows, rail companies face many challenges. Trains must be more reliable and cost-effective, plus respond to customer demands for increased mobility and better services. Challenges include interoperability between different types of equipment, poor high-speed coverage, and the inability to easily expand broadband services.

The Huawei GSM-R Solution answers these challenges and more.

The Huawei GSM-R Solution is a digital wireless communication system optimized for railroads. It uses proven GSM wireless communication technology and is third-party certified and EIRENE compliant. It is built primarily for train engineers, dispatchers, controllers, and maintenance personnel and provides:

  • Group, multicast, function number, and emergency call services
  • Carrier network capability for train control signals to meet tough requirements for high-speed trains
  • Improved communications and operational efficiency
  • Ability to evolve as requirements change
  • Unparalleled stability and reliability

Major functions include:High reliability: The solution meets European Train Control System (ETCS) requirements with reliability policies at the board, NE, and system levels. The backup network is also 99.9999% reliable.

Professionalism: The solution complies with the latest version of EIRENE specifications and has passed third-party certification, TUV certification that meets the latest EU regulations, and comprehensive IOT tests with devices from other vendors.

Evolution: GSM-R will eventually evolve to a higher standard for broadband services, such as video transmission. The International Union of Railways (UIC) says LTE is the technology of the future as the GSM-R Solution supports LTE, Huawei’s single-cabinet and single-subrack eCNS300 Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) platform works with LTE platforms for easy integration and high performance, and the BTS3900 Base Transceiver Station supports GSM and LTE modes for GSM-R-to-LTE evolution that protects customer investment.


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