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Faced with stiff competition, enterprise IT needs to innovate constantly to adapt to volatile markets and changing customer requirements. Huawei offers a whole portfolio of innovative, efficient, and flexible IT design and implementation services to address the pressing demands that enterprises have. The services cover the design, implementation, migration, consolidation, and protection of valued data, and are supported by Huawei's IT expertise and experience in servicing the financial and public sectors. Huawei is also equipped with the biggest Open Lab in Asia and a technical certification system, which help when building open and efficient IT infrastructures, improve operation efficiency, and save on costs. The IT transformation of mission-critical businesses gives companies a competitive edge.

Build effective IT infrastructures

  • Multi-vendor integration

  • Smooth migration

  • Multi-level DR

Infrastructure design and implementation

Often faced with tight budgets, companies have to address the pain points of complex O&M management, difficult integration of software and hardware from multiple vendors, and vendor lock-in. Infrastructure design and implementation services cover the planning, design, and implementation of IT infrastructures, and the implementation and acceptance of sub-systems, such as servers, storage, virtualization, operating systems, management software, and common middleware. Huawei has experience in providing end-to-end services and with its team of thousands of IT service experts is helping customers build open and efficient IT infrastructures that can bring higher efficiency at lower costs. Huawei is also working closely with mainstream IT vendors to provide comprehensive solutions. Customizing IT solutions for customers in many different industries (such as public safety), Huawei sets the benchmark. For HPC/SAP HANA scenarios, Huawei provides end-to-end services from planning, design, software deployment, and system commissioning, to acceptance.

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Migration and integration

Migration and integration services refer to pre-migration planning, analyzing business flow and applications, the design, implementation, and verification of the migration, as well as subsequent operations maintenance. The scope of migration includes data, databases, x86 servers, and UNIX servers.
Data migration: Data can be migrated from mainstream storage to Huawei storage at speeds of several GB/s, to quickly upgrade storage systems.
Migration from a closed UNIX platform to a x86 platform: The x86 platform is compatible with mainstream industry databases, enabling the construction of a unified open infrastructure and reducing OPEX.
Cloud migration: Data can be migrated from mainstream operating systems and virtualization platforms to the cloud or between clouds, to construct a flexible and elastic cloud architecture, achieving free data mobility.

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DR and backup

DR and backup services support mainstream IT applications, helping enterprises streamline the security conditions for business data, optimize the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), provide business continuity plans, and provide end-to-end DR and backup services from solution customization, technical proposals, project planning, delivery, to emergency response and acceptance. The services cover traditional DR and backup, cloud DR and backup, and hybrid cloud backup scenarios. Huawei’s high availability methodology implements DR services from the perspective of technology, procedure, and organization. DR services are deployed at the storage, host, network, virtualization, database, and application layers. Huawei also provides visualized DR tools and a one-click automatic DR management platform to mitigate risks and ensure stable, secure, and uninterrupted operations.

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