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Huawei Helps TAWAZUN Build an IPv6 & IPv4 Dual Stack Campus Network for Security System

25/05/2015 00:00:00


Based in Abu Dhabi, the strategic investment company, which focuses on specialized manufacturing and industry, had a clear vision in regards to its security and surveillance capabilities, and set out into the market in order to track down a service which could improve its CCTV streaming quality and relay surveillance infrastructure. In conjunction, the company made it clear from the off-set that it wished to dramatically save costs, improve efficiency and significantly reduce its power consumption, as a way of keeping in line with the UAE’s vision for a greener nation.

Key Challenges

The major challenges facing the company, which it wished to address, were improving the physical security backbone infrastructure to cover its current requirements, as well as its flexibility in order to expand without compromising its security strength.

“We had requirements from the beginning, in a sense of looking at the system and identifying where we can have flexibilities, and where we can expand while staying secure,” says Mohammad Saif Al Mansoori, IT Director, Tawazun.

“So we did some surveys and found a benchmark we wished to reach. We had a business objective to get a robust technology and to achieve virtualization — Cisco, HP, and Huawei could all provide this. So we looked at local response times from Gartner; how strong each were locally, how they coped with upcoming issues, and how cost effective they were.”

Mansoori and his team selected Huawei, which he says was marginally better than HP and Cisco in the areas he was testing. “They had a high bandwidth switch, a better price, as well as the backbone quote. They stood far higher than the other vendors.”

Solution Highlights

Huawei provided Tawazun with its smart campus solution based on IPv6. The product provides a core network, allowing increased communication which is instantaneous across its 70+ locations.

It covers the entire surveillance infrastructure, including CCTV. Designed on IPv6 Dual Stack architecture and Cluster Switching Technology (CSS), the robust system aims to provide reliability which compensates failing single devices and protects mission critical data.

Mansoori says that the implementation was fairly quick, as well as relatively stress free, thanks to a number POCs (proof of concepts) and test environment set-ups, which ensured that all issues and concerns were identified and rectified prior to the live roll out.

“It took six months to roll it out, including product evaluation, sizing the requirements, number of switches, and the implementation across the 70+ sites,” he adds.

“When we were evaluating, we integrated with the other vendors and did a small POC to see how it would work. We also had a replica copy test environment, which Huawei set up, and if and when we came across challenges, we fixed them then and there. This is another reason why we managed to get everything sorted so quickly. During the actual implementation we had no issues, due to this carbon copy we’d already made.”

Customer Benefits

By deploying Huawei campus solution, TAWAZU built up an unified IPV4 & IPV6 Dual stack network, which supports all existing applications and new applications in the future. High availability Core Network with CSS features provide carrier level reliability to the campus network, which ensur e the safety oper ation of TAWAZUN security system.

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