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Power Up with Huawei Smart Grid ICT Solutions

Better Connected Smart Grids

As an ICT solutions provider, Huawei develops fully-connected smart grid solutions for every aspect of the electric power industry.

These solutions build a reliable, efficient, and green grid by:

  • Utilizing access and communications technologies to enable comprehensive sensing of electricity nodes
  • Using wired and wireless high-speed communications networks to implement real-time, reliable transmission of data, which can be consolidated and managed by a cloud data center
  • Enabling electricity and utility operators to perform intelligent analysis and management of electricity services

Huawei can connect your enterprise to create smart power solutions for your business needs.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution (AMI)

Expand services, slash O&M costs, and eliminate human error with infrastructure for truly Smart Grids

FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

Huawei innovates the entire lifecycle of PV power generation, making it smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Power Transmission Communications Network

Leverages optical networking and MSTP + IP communications for effective Smart Grid power management.

Power Distribution Automation Communications Solution

Leverages cutting-edge xPON and LTE technologies to effectively improve power distribution automation.

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Power IoT, Lighting Up the Life of Nigerian People

Huawei Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution uses IoT technology and Huawei’s broadband PLC-IoT technology to enable a rate 20 times higher than that of narrowband PLC technology. Huawei’s AMI Solution provides a 100% daily meter reading success rate and real-time, bi-directional communications for meter reading, meeting the requirements of future Smart Grids for data collection and electricity charge administration.

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