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Telecom Energy

Integrated Video Site PowerCube 500

Integrating information and interconnect technologies with power electronics, Huawei has created a smart site solution that enables network facilities to be digitized, interconnected, and intelligent. The solution adopts Software Defined Power (SDP) architecture and enables customers to manage Watt with Bit, as well as maximize their operation and energy efficiency. The solution is based on Huawei’s extensive experience in building telecommunication networks.

Huawei telecom power products offer capacities ranging from 30A to 24,000A. These products include systems for indoor power, outdoor power, embedded power, Central Office (CO) power, Distribution Power (DPS), and hybrid power, as well as site energy management. The products adapt to a variety of telecommunication networks. Integrated power solutions are also offered for intelligent video surveillance systems and solutions to deliver site sharing for tower vendors. Huawei’s solutions simplify site deployment, increase the energy efficiency of networks, improve O&M efficiency, and help customers unleash their sites’ full potential to maximize Total Value of Ownership (TVO).

Huawei has deployed more than 2 million sets of telecom power products in over 170 countries. Huawei has received a number of industry awards, such as the Product Innovation Leadership Award in Telecom Energy Solutions, DC Power Global Product Leadership Award for the DC Power Market, and the 98% Efficiency Rectifier Recommended Excellent Solution Award.

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