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Cloud WAN Solution

Derived from Huawei’s Agile WAN solution, the Cloud WAN Solution uses an open network structure for flexibility and intelligent traffic scheduling to maximize bandwidth use and provides:

  • Flexible network resource use
  • Simplified network Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Traffic optimization
  • Fast service provisioning that does not degrade network performance
  • Easily visible and measureable WAN services

These benefits are crucial to support the growing use of private and public clouds as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Open network structure

Using internally developed chips, Huawei is moving software and hardware in their IP and optical products to Software-Defined Networks (SDN). The move transforms the old, closed WAN structure into an open, cloud-oriented one that ideally suits the requirements of cloud services.

Intelligent traffic scheduling

Huawei developed IP + optical intelligent traffic scheduling based on the company’s proven IP and transport devices. The technology significantly improves bandwidth efficiency and reduces bandwidth lease costs. Additionally, networks can automatically accommodate new services.

High reliability through software and hardware synergy

Huawei’s cloud WAN architecture has IP and optical layers that work together for reliable and fast protection. Plus, IP hard-pipe technology ensures the quality of key cloud services.

Highly efficient, precise operation and maintenance

The Huawei cloud WAN:

  • Makes networks visible, measurable, and predicable
  • Controls services across the entire network so maintenance personnel can easily measure network efficiency
  • Provides a graphical maintenance interface and SDN-based structure to save money with reduced device maintenance
  • Provides configuration instructions in natural language
  • Delivers services to the entire network with one click

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Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Open WAN network structure

Future-oriented IP + optical SDN structure improves performance today and prepares for tomorrow

Intelligent traffic scheduling

IP + optical intelligent scheduling increases bandwidth use and lowers bandwidth lease costs

Software and hardware synergy ensures reliability

IP + optical layers provide high reliability and end-to-end quality

Highly-efficient, precise operation and maintenance

Better performance, easy maintenance, and lower costs

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