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Software-Defined WAN Solutions

Discussion of the Next-Generation Flex Optical Network

Huawei designed their Software-defined WAN Network Solution to meet the needs of high demand cloud computing in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The solution helps customers to meet their networking needs with a future-oriented network architecture featuring Software-Defined Networking (SDN), thorough virtualization, and IP + optical technologies.

Huawei’s agile WANs enable customers to:

  • Dramatically improve bandwidth use rates over the 20% to 30% typical for traditional WANs
  • Simplify Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency and lower TCO
  • Streamline service deployment to meet the fast provisioning requirements of cloud computing

The solution depends on three concepts:

Agile services

Using vertical and horizontal virtualization, unified scheduling, and one-click deployment, the solution eliminates the boundaries between IP and optical networks to support rapid cloud provisioning.

An Agile Controller significantly improves network utilization and dramatically reduces bandwidth-leasing costs calculating routes for the entire network based on global routing information. This method replaces the slower, traditional single node-based calculation.

Plus, Huawei’s IP + optical network synergy provides triple reliability at the network, element, and component levels.

Agile evolution

Huawei’s solution is ready for the future. An SDN architecture provides open software for fast and efficient enterprise service deployment while Huawei-developed chips provide open silicon-level service for hardware devices now and in the future.

To ensure flexibility and the room to grow, Huawei engineers network with a wide range of capacities and scales. We can provide anything from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s interfaces, a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) for an entire city, to a global network across continents. Our superior capability helps support sustainable development for at least 10 years.

Agile O&M

Huawei products save money with innovative network quality technology, such as IP Flow Performance Measurement (FPM), to help measure performance flows and change traditional black-box networks into visible agile WANs.

Our end-to-end O&M platform uniformly manages and maintains devices across the optical and IP layers too. It can assess the entire network and predict capacity needs using built-in intelligent software. The result is easier O&M and lower TCO.

Find out more about how Huawei’s Software-defined WAN Network WLAN Solution can help you enter the future now. Contact a representative today.

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