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SD-WAN Solution

On the road to globalization, interconnection between enterprises in different countries and areas has become essential for communications. However, service provisioning and maintenance based on traditional enterprise leased lines incur high costs, as well as O&M difficulties and service security issues. The Huawei SD-WAN Solution uses SDN technology to help customers cut WAN costs while enabling flexible connections. This solution attracts enterprise customers, as it significantly improves three aspects of enterprise interconnection.

Accelerating service provisioning

In traditional service provisioning mode, using enterprise private lines, multiple procedures (such as service application at customer service centers), service commissioning, and on-site configuration, are required. Service provisioning can take as long as 30 days. By applying the SDN-based Agile Controller, enterprise SD-WAN enables automatic E2E deployment and device plug-and-play, shortening service provisioning from 30 days to 20 minutes.

Visualized links and applications with intelligent traffic scheduling

In traditional enterprise interconnection mode, links and applications are not visible, and application status cannot be monitored. Congestion may occur during burst traffic, which may affect key services and user experience. Based on SDN architecture, enterprise SD-WAN implements visualized management of applications and links, enabling monitoring link and application quality and status in real time. In addition, enterprise SD-WAN enables intelligent traffic scheduling based on application requirements, providing excellent user experience of key services.

Internet-based, slashing interconnection costs by 50%

In traditional enterprise interconnection network construction, a large number of private lines are required to ensure high-quality service experience. Costs can be high, which may account for 50% to 70% of enterprise OPEX. By leveraging Internet resources, enterprise SD-WAN supports hybrid links. In addition, 3G/LTE, MPLS leased lines, and xDSL can be flexibly combined. Further, enterprise SD-WAN allows customers to define and enable service flow paths, based on service demands, and supports rapid service path switchover, offering private line experience while cutting interconnection costs by 50%.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Minute-level Service Acquisition

Automatic E2E deployment and device plug-and-play

Intelligent Traffic Scheduling

Visualized applications and links based on GIS, high-quality user experience of key services

Slashing Interconnection Costs

Offers private line experience while cutting interconnection costs by 50%