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CloudEPN Solution

This Enterprise Private Network (EPN) solution brings new efficiencies to WAN services by applying cloud technology and Software-Defined Networking functions. Huawei’s CloudEPN solution overcomes the traditional limitations of leased lines by simplifying device deployment, slashing service provisioning time, and reducing connection costs.

As enterprise services shift to the cloud, local enterprise networks interact with cloud data centers more frequently and thus need greater access bandwidth. The CloudEPN solution helps enterprises meet these needs while minimizing WAN costs.

On-demand versatility vs. leased-line limitations

Cloud development brings strong service flexibility, and services change rapidly and frequently. In contrast, the response of traditional leased line services is slow; getting from service request to service provisioning typically takes one to three months. Moreover, highly technical personnel need to provision and maintain traditional leased line services.

Huawei’s CloudEPN solution overcomes these limitations in several ways. The two main approaches are integrated in two solutions that serve as part of CloudEPN: the CloudVPN and SD-WAN solutions.

CloudVPN Solution

Huawei’s innovative private line service model makes it practical to incorporate enterprise VPN and VAS functions in the cloud. This approach dramatically reduces the number of devices that need to be deployed and enables plug-and-play device deployment, automated service configuration, and automated, visualized O&M.

The CloudVPN solution provides enterprises with capacity on demand, while greatly shortening the service provisioning time and simplifying service deployment.

SD-WAN Solution

Using the advanced SDN technology provided by Huawei’s Agile Controller, this solution helps reduce WAN connection costs and increase network flexibility. The controller enables intelligent traffic scheduling by giving visibility into link and application usage. By leveraging the Agile Controller’s ability to implement unified networking across all links, the SD-WAN solution can use the Internet for some traffic instead of expensive leased lines.

The SD-WAN solution reduces dependence on leased lines and eliminates burst traffic congestion by dynamically optimizing links and applications.

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Application-based intelligent routing

On-Demand VAS Service (vFW, vIPS)

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SD-WAN Solution

Internet-based SDN technology drives enterprise interconnection, cutting interconnection costs by 50%

CloudVPN Solution

Provides capacity-on-demand experience, while shortening service provisioning and simplifying deployment