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EC-IoT Solution

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely used in various fields and promotes the innovation of industry services and business modes, which exerts great influence on the value chain, supply chain, and industrial ecosystem. However, the IoT is a large and complex system covering different industries and various application scenarios. Connection and management of many terminals, and real-time analysis and processing of a large amount of data, are tough challenges to industry digital transformation.

To respond to these challenges, Huawei offers the EC-IoT Solution.

Huawei Edge Computing IoT (EC-IoT) Solution includes the terminal communication module, the edge computing IoT gateway (AR series IoT Gateway), and the Agile Controller. Terminal communication modules support the intelligent connection of sensor network terminals. Edge computing gateways provide intelligent services nearby. The Agile Controller provides open APIs and eSDKs to connect to the industry application systems of different partners. Based on cloud-managed architecture, the Agile Controller achieves intelligent connections and highly efficient management of different industry terminals.

The EC-IoT Solution provides the following value:

Innovative edge computing realizes real-time service analysis and intelligent decision-making

The Edge Computing gateway can be flexibly equipped with the lightweight App to predict and detect potential faults quickly, or execute local policy, and respond within milliseconds.

Managing tens of millions of terminals in the cloud reduces O&M costs by 50%

With cloud management, the Agile Controller provides full lifecycle management for IoT planning, deployment, and O&M. It supports plug-and-play of considerable numbers of devices and delivers automatic service deployment, greatly shortening the service provisioning time and reducing the OPEX.

Open ecosystem accelerates industry application innovation

The solution provides various open APIs and eSDKs and standard protocols to connect to the industry application systems of different partners. Using the open platform with cloud management, the Agile Controller provides industry customers with a new business mode based on cloud services.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Edge Computing

Local Real-time Processing, Response Time in Milliseconds

Cloud Managed

Tens of Millions of Terminals Managed, Cloud-based O&M

Open Architecture

Multi-Level Openness, 50% Improved Integration Efficiency

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