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Flexible SDN Solutions for the Agile Enterprise

Huawei Leads the Practice and Revolution of SDN

The information-sharing era requires the targeting of multiple information resources to better serve users. Various Big Data analytics and mining technologies are evolving, bringing with them a rise in personalized applications and shorter product lifecycles. More agile networks are required to adapt to fast service development. Featuring integrated cloud computing, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and edge calculation, Huawei’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution consists of data center, IoT, and security field innovations that help enterprises re-architect networks and accelerate digital transformation.

SDN Technology on Data Center Networks (DCN): Huawei Cloud Fabric 5.0 builds a simple, open, and elastic DCN

  • Fully automated service provisioning within minutes
  • Refined O&M, smart fault location within minutes
  • Industry’s largest-capacity networking capability, flexible service scalability

SDN Technology on Campuses: Huawei’s Cloud Campus solution based on SD-campus architecture

  • Application-oriented automated deployment, on-demand campus network
  • Visualized network based on Big Data analytics and network data for decision-making
  • Access to applications anytime and anywhere, delivering a consistent user experience

SDN Technology in the IoT: Agile IoT provides highly efficient management of edge computing networks

  • SDN architecture manages tens of thousands of IoT terminals
  • Edge calculation; local, intelligent, real-time processing
  • 4-level security defense (chip/OS/pipe/platform)

SDN Technology on Branch Interconnection Networks: CloudVPN builds on-demand enterprise interconnection experience for enterprise branches

  • eCommerce service experience from implementation to service
  • SD-WAN implementing Internet cost-effectiveness and Quality of Experience (QoE) of leased lines
  • Unified controller in full scenarios: End-to-End (E2E) integrated resource allocation and network policy deployment

SDN Technology on Network Security: Builds a highly efficient, flexible, and ubiquitous security defense system

  • The Agile Controller schedules services uniformly and builds a cloud-pipe-device threat defense system in data center, campus, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), and IoT scenarios
  • Precise defense based on Big Data — detects 12 types of threats with a detection accuracy of 99 percent or greater
  • On-demand security service provisioning: Function virtualization, on-demand, and self-help subscription of 12 types of Valued Added Services (VASs) in the cloud

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