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BYOD Solution

Discussing BYOD capabilities and the security and management risks it may bring

Huawei BYOD solution allows for end-to-end mobile security management and flexible App release. This solution provides comprehensive security functions in terminal, transmission, App, data security and security management, striking a balance between efficiency and security.

The BYOD solution provides:

  • Centralized management through a unified platform
  • Comprehensive data security and threat prevention
  • Life cycle-based mobile device management

Trends and Challenges

BYOD extends offices to mobile phones and blurs the boundaries of life and work. Employees can conduct businesses as well as play games on the same mobile device. The open and intelligent mobile platform becomes a new security loophole, which might be exploited to plant malicious codes and require IT develop a heterogeneous multi-platform management for a mixture of personal and enterprise Apps, and data leaks.


To resolve the conflicts between IT policy compliance requirements and employees’ personal requirements, Huawei offers a balanced solution. This solution provides great flexibility for employees to choose their favorite mobile devices, allows them to access enterprise intranets anytime anywhere using any devices, and ensures the implementation of enterprise IT policies without any compromise.

Identity: Uniform Domain-based Policy Control

Hierarchical management

The AnyOffice solution allows the configuration of a maximum of eight department levels to reflect the actual organizational structure of an enterprise and implement hierarchical management accordingly.

Fine-grained permission configuration

In this solution, administrators can be appointed specific to each management object or operation, ensuring fine-grained permission management.

Flexible authorization portfolio

With the flexible authorization portfolios for domain-based management, administrators can be appointed for different departments with specific permissions.

Privacy: Comprehensive Data Security and Threat Prevention

  • E2E Data Loss Prevention

The AnyOffice sandbox isolates personal data from enterprise data. The mobile security access gateway provides application-layer VPN tunnels to encrypt data transmission, preventing enterprise data from being lost or tampered with. In addition, the AnyOffice solution also provides the remote lock-in, remote wipeout, GPS positioning, and automatic alarming functions to prevent data loss through lost or stolen mobile devices.

  • Carrier-Class Mobile Threat Prevention at Intranet Borders

Huawei’s carrier-class and highly available USG series firewalls provide in-depth threat prevention capabilities at intranet borders.

Compliance: Full Life Cycle Management for Mobile Devices

  • Acquisition

In compliance with the ITIL asset management standards, the AnyOffice solution supports the automatic asset discovery and registration and password initiation functions and provides a license agreement template.

  • Deployment

The AnyOffice ensures secure configurations on host firewalls, VPN servers, and Wi-Fi hotspots and forces policy implementation. The enterprise App store of the solution implements remote distribution, installation, and configuration of enterprise Apps and application management using blacklist and whitelist.

  • Running

The AnyOffice solution prevents data loss by implementing password policies, jailbreak detection and isolation, and the control over data loss on peripheral devices and secures device running through remote upgrading and patching. The self-service portal and help desk can also be integrated, improving IT support efficiency.

  • Retirement

Upon employee resignation or device loss, the IT department can uninstall the enterprise Apps from the device, wipe the remaining data, and then de-register the device. Standard devices can be re-registered, re-bound, and deployed with security policies and applications.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Unified platform-based management

Unified App portal and rights- and domain-based management

Data security protection

Sandbox, per-App tunnel, and E2E data protection

Mobile device management

Life cycle-based (acquire, deploy, run, and retire) mobile device management

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