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Fusion Operations Control Center (OCC) Solution

Huawei’s Fusion Operations Control Center (OCC) Solution provides innovative data center services for the railway industry, including high-performance service platform, congestion-free converged network, and dual-activation data center. As more services on railways are available over the Internet and the market share of railways in intermodal transport increases, rail operators need converged data centers that enable interconnectivity between systems and facilitate resource sharing. Cloud-based data centers become an ideal option for railway operations.

Huawei and its partners help solve major challenges to the integration of railway services with cloud data centers such as:

  • Railway service systems are built as silos, are difficult to integrate with the Internet, and services lack elasticity
  • Existing Intranet computing capabilities are insufficient for services requiring high concurrent processing such as Internet booking
  • Core railway businesses are difficult to securely expand  for future growth

Fusion OCC Solution for railways provides a secure, cloud-based infrastructure with excellent performance, converged networks, and dual-activation data centers for continuous services.


Huawei Fusion OCC solution provides excellent performance on business platforms, converged networks, and dual-activation data centers. It provides the railway industry with secure data centers that integrate services with on-demand resource sharing so railways can excel in the cloud era.

High-performance service platform

Huawei’s FusionCube is a high-performance, secure platform designed to maximize shared resource utilization with high I/O throughput, processing, and computational analysis on mass amounts of passenger and freight data. The cloud-based, converged infrastructure delivers high IOPS performance for services that require large numbers of concurrent processing, such as ticket booking.

Congestion-free converged network

The solution’s data center integrates Huawei’s CE12800 as its core switch, which allows the industry to provide congestion-free networks for railway data centers. Using various network and equipment virtualization technologies such as Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL), Cluster Switching System (CSS), Super Virtual Fabric (SVF), and Virtual Server (VS), the platform eliminates network congestion, and classifies services into different hierarchies and domains, all to support flexible service deployment and continuous integration.

Dual-activation data center

FusionSphere Operating System supports the pooling of computing and storage resources, as well as cluster deployment. Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks are deployed between data centers, which deliver a bandwidth of 80 wavelength times 100G/40G, with a delay of 0.5 ms for up to 1 km. This solution secures dual-activation for critical railway services between two data centers and ensures 24/7 continuous service availability.

The Huawei Fusion OCC Solution helps rail operators build elastic Big Data platforms that support better online services and inter-modal transport for the railway industry. The solution provides services that require large amounts of concurrent processing, continuous service integration, and reliable disaster redundancy.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Integrated platform with powerful processing capabilities

FusionCube high-performance converged infrastructure supports services requiring concurrent processing on an elastic Big Data platform for intermodal transportation

Converged network supports service integration

Virtualization eliminates congestion, divides services into different hierarchies, and simplifies deployment and integration

Dual-activation data centers, continuous services

Dual-activation disaster redundancy implementation supports two active service-level data centers, ensuring zero service interruption and zero data loss

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