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MicroDC Solution for Malls and Retailers

Shopping malls and Big Box stores need to quickly launch retail services and efficiently manage ICT systems. However, these goals face the following challenges:

  • Massive numbers of devices, time-consuming installation and interconnection, and slow service launch
  • Various, incompatible ICT devices that compromise retail service system performance
  • Devices from multiple vendors, creating high O&M costs

Huawei’s Micro Data Center (MicroDC) Solution for Malls and Retailers offers customized MicroDCs for shopping centers and retail stores to speed the launch of retail services. The MicroDC integrates a variety of capabilities, including routing, switching, security, computing, and storage. It pre-integrates multiple shopping systems and software, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and office software.

Get big benefits with enterprise IT solutions from Huawei

Simple design, fast service launch

Integrate routing, switching, security, computing, and storage and slash deployment time to a week

Unified management and simplified O&M

Centrally manage all retail systems and reduce O&M costs by 50%

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Cloud Contact Center for Online Shopping

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