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Chain Store Unified Access Solution

Chain stores face fast expansion, insufficient ICT construction investments, and untrained IT maintenance personnel, yet they must achieve goals, such as:

  • Fast deployment of IT systems
  • Highly integrated and cost-effective networks
  • Secure communication between headquarters and branches

Huawei’s Chain Store Unified Access Solution provides integrated access gateways for service to:

  • Retail store Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Office, wireless, and voice
  • Surveillance
  • Signage
  • Electronic labeling

This solution accelerates retail store deployment and simplifies network management.

Chain Store Unified Access Scenario

The integrated access gateway has the following features:

  • Supports access from multiple retail store services, such as POS, office, voice, and surveillance
  • Connects to both the fixed network and the 3G/4G network
  • Offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature so the home office and local stores can access the Internet and create private networks, ensuring data access security
  • Covers stores with Wi-Fi
  • Allows its configuration file to be automatically generated and loaded. In this way, the integrated access gateway can be configured within only 10 minutes, reducing retail store deployment costs by more than 90%

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High integration, low costs

Integrates an array of services to ease deployment and maintenance and lower investments

Batch deployment, fast rollout

Delivers configurations through FTP or USB flash disks, reducing configuration and deployment time

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