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Visualized Emergency Communication Solution

eLTE Makes Nanjing A ‘Smarter’ City

Efficient emergency communication plays a vital role in emergency response. Call takers must be able to both clearly hear the incident reporter and see the emergency to determine the on-site conditions. Current emergency communication systems face multiple challenges, such as diversified terminals, insufficient bandwidth, and no unified interoperability standard; leading to slow emergency response and difficult cross-agency collaboration.

Huawei’s Visualized Emergency Communication Solution provides an eLTE mobile broadband trunking system. It incorporates video surveillance, data collection, professional broadband trunking, emergency communication, and visualized dispatch.

Solution Highlights:

High bandwidth and multi-service convergence

The maximum uplink bandwidth is 50 Mbit/s and the maximum downlink bandwidth is 100 Mbit/s. Real-time video backhaul is supported, achieving visualization of on-site conditions and facilitating accurate decision-making.

Voice, video, and data convergence

eLTE wireless broadband trunking supports voice calling, click-to-call, video distribution and upload, and location upload and sharing.

Public/Private network convergence, narrowband and broadband convergence

The private network provides professional trunking services. Smooth switching between the public and private networks ensures service continuity. Group and point-to-point calls are supported between the eLTE and the narrowband trunking system. Convergence of narrowband and broadband networks facilitates interconnection.

eLTE Rapid

The eLTE Rapid system occupies a small area and features flexible network deployment. It can be quickly deployed within 15 minutes. The system can be applied in emergency scenarios such as disaster relief, sports events, and summit security.

Customers Benefits

All-in-One Carrier Network

100M multimedia trunking and voice, data, and video services on one network; visualized dispatching

Quick Responses

On-site videos and images can be shared across wireless broadband networks, improving emergency response

Flexible Networking

The solution supports various frequency bands and flexible networking modes based on customers’ requirements

Open Architecture

The open architecture enables interconnection with TETRA\PLMN\PSTN networks, improving ROI

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