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Policing Cloud Solution

Policing service systems have become an integral part of day to day police work. However, multiple issues limit their functionality. For example, data sharing is difficult, cloud-based migration is expensive, and system deployment terms are long.

In light of this, policing systems need an open and integrated cloud platform that can meet the diversified requirements of different departments and implement IT resource integration, unified management, and information sharing.

Huawei’s Policing Cloud Solution provides a Fusionsphere cloud platform that integrates ICT infrastructure to support policing service systems in vDC mode.

Solution Highlights:

vDC serves all policing service types

One data center serves all policing service types, and matches the organizational architecture of the policing service department. vDC also can be customized as needed to serve policing service systems more effectively.

Distributed policing cloud

The platform integrates multiple dispersed policing cloud data centers to implement unified O&M, independent operation, and centralized management of physical resources, virtual resources, and Big Data resources.

End-to-end cloud migration without reconstruction

The platform provides diverse cloud migration services ranging from service evaluation, solution design, and migration implementation to management authority transfer. Without needing to undergo reconstruction, services can be smoothly transferred to the cloud.

Customers Benefits

Improved ICT Infrastructure

vDC provides policing services and improves policing cloud infrastructure usage, enabling quick service rollout.

Unified Data Center Management

The platform supports the distributed multi-layer policing cloud, implements unified O&M, ensures service continuity.

Smooth Cloud Migration

The platform provides end-to-end cloud migration services, ensuring that services smoothly transfer to the cloud.