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Intelligent Surveillance Solution

Converged ICT Infrastructure for Safe City Systems and Intelligent Video Surveillance

The construction of Safe Cities requires a comprehensive protection system, which can sense behaviors that threaten public safety in real time, record the entire process of an incident, and generate alarms in a timely manner. All these help to deter criminals before an incident, assist emergency response during an incident, and provide clues for solving cases after an incident. At present, the traditional video surveillance system is faced with many problems, for example, low image definition, difficult video backhaul and locating, and easy information leakage. In addition, accelerated urbanization has set higher requirements for video transmission and storage as well as platform compatibility.

The intelligent surveillance warning solution provides the most comprehensive network access modes in the industry, leaving no blind spot in cities fully covered with surveillance cameras. It supports H.265 HD video surveillance and its requirement for bandwidth decreases by half. Real-time awareness capability and intelligent analysis platform provided by the IoT can help automatically detect unsafe factors and generate warnings. In addition, cloud-based storage and management of surveillance video enables cross-regional video sharing and retrieval, which sharply improves case-solving efficiency.

Solution Highlights:

Intelligent micro site

In remote areas of a city where electricity is hard to access, the micro site can constantly provide electricity for video surveillance terminals through solar power or solar power plus mains.

Incident warning

Cameras with intelligent analysis capability can be deployed at the frontend to automatically detect and analyze abnormal behaviors of monitored objects, such as invasion and loitering.

Security linkage

By integrating a variety of physical security systems, such as manual alerter and electronic fence and cooperating with the warning module and professional alarm handling module, the solution supports unified access of various alarm information, which is managed and filtered by the unified warning system. The solution can be combined with the multi-media call taking system of converged command to implement automatic alarm reporting.

Cloud-based video surveillance

Cloud-based video surveillance implements cross-regional video sharing and on-demand video usage as well as helps the public security system to effectively prevent and efficiently investigate crimes.

Video analysis

The Video Content Management (VCM) system supports multiple functions such as video synopsis and retrieval. This enables users to extract valuable information from mass video data. In addition, this platform can be integrated with other public safety systems to achieve information sharing.

Customers Benefits

360-Degree protection

Flexible wired and wireless access mode, and all-round surveillance in complex scenarios

Quick search of leads

Search time reduced by half leading to decrease in labor force required

Automatic alarm reporting

Real-Time detection of potential threats to public safety and automatic alarm reporting to prevent risks

Cross-regional video sharing

Users can view videos of any cameras at any time so file copying is no longer necessary

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