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Converged Command Solution

Command centers are faced with many problems, for example, limited methods for reporting alarms, isolation among different communication systems, difficult cross-agency collaboration, non-observable on-site conditions and resources, and difficult decision-making, which lead to low efficiency of emergency response.

The converged command solution provides the industry’s first entire-process visualized converged command center. With the computer-aided dispatch system as the core, based on a unified GIS platform, and incorporated with multiple communication means including voice, video, and data, the converged command center visually displays diverse information for unified dispatch of various resources and enhanced cross-agency collaboration.

Solution Highlights:

Call taking and dispatching

Alarms can be reported in multiple ways, such as voice calls, multimedia, and technical protection. The alarm reporting system can be linked with the CAD system and combined with the GIS system to quickly obtain the incident location.

Consultation and decision-making

Leaders or experts can get access to mobile terminals or HD conferences anytime anywhere, enabling on-site dispatchers to obtain information in real time, which facilitates quick and accurate decision-making.

Data convergence

The statuses of emergency resources such as personnel, vehicles, and supplies are displayed in real time on the map. During cross-agency emergency response, the information is synchronized and shared in real time so that all sites can know the status.

Voice convergence

Narrowband and broadband trunking interconnects with public and private network terminals through the unified communication platform. Calling all terminals through one click ensures faster and more accurate dispatch.

Video convergence

On-site surveillance videos can be directly viewed on the GIS platform and also can be added to video conferences, which enable all parties of the collaboration to know on-site conditions in real time. Videos recorded by eLTE broadband trunking terminals can be sent back to the command center or added to video conferences to supplement surveillance videos.

Customers Benefits

Quick Report & Dispatch

Multiple methods for alarm reporting, unified call taking and dispatching, and quick access to incident information

Unified Information Management

Based on a unified GIS platform, supporting unified display of various data

Efficient Command

Convergence of narrowband, broadband, public and private networks for unified and efficient command

Precise Decision-making

Full convergence for unified video browsing to improve incident handling effectiveness

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