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Big Data Intelligence

Leading New ICT in Safe City

When constructing Safe Cities in this Big Data era, intelligence-led policing is required to combat and prevent crimes using fast analysis and judgment. The extraction of valuable information from mass data during a case investigation to solve cases rapidly is a severe challenge faced by public safety departments. The traditional intelligence center has serious issues in attempting to meet this challenge. Its failure to share information due to scattered data, inefficient queries from mass data, and slow response with real-time data lead to low efficiency in policing practice.

The Big Data intelligence solution provides industry-leading intelligence analysis and real-time warning functions. Relying on Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data platform and integrating data processing technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, and MPPDB, the solution constructs a distributed processing system for mass data. Through efficient real-time analysis and relationship mining over all kinds of mass data, the police can quickly obtain valuable information to identify risks, generate early warnings, and make decisions, which improves case-solving efficiency.

Solution Highlights: 

Efficient retrieval

The solution supports integration and sharing of diverse types of data such as structured and unstructured data as well as rapid querying of mass data, which facilitates information matching and quick decision-making.

Relationship mining

The Huawei-developed HiGraph algorithm can accurately dig out valuable data and fully support different service scenarios such as relationship analysis in the public safety industry, track analysis, and similar case mining.

Real-time stream processing

Through real-time data collection and processing, the police can know well activities of important personnel and behaviors of special groups to make early warnings and deploy surveillance accurately.

Customers Benefits

Unified Big Data platform

Support for integration and sharing of internal and external public safety data; contactless analysis and judgment functioning as the key to lead action

Intelligent Data Analysis

Relationship analysis and data mining that help quickly find associated information facilitating decision-making

Real-time Surveillance

Fast mass data processing capability and locating among 10-billion data levels help crack cases quickly

Openness and Collaboration

Real-time streaming data responses within seconds helps reduce incidents and prevent potential risks

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