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Government Videoconferencing Solution

Videoconferencing product line

Huawei’s Government Videoconferencing Solution helps you hold meetings anywhere on the globe, which saves money on travel costs. Plus, it has the security and video quality you need. It is perfect for:

  • Government organizations with multiple branches and complex organizational structures that require hybrid, multi-level cascading networks
  • Mission-critical meetings demanding stable, highly confidential, and high-performance conferencing
  • Organizations that require HD, convergent, multi-level, and secure conferencing

Comprehensive video conference quality

Huawei’s Government Videoconferencing Solution enables real-time remote communication through audio, video, and data transmission. With end-to-end 1080p resolution at 50 or 60 frames per second (fps) it provides remarkable video clarity, enabling users to enjoy life-like face-to-face communication experiences.

In addition to image stitching and sound localization functions, superior professional lighting, acoustics, and display design enhance the system’s HD video capabilities. Large HD displays provide an immersive, life-like video conferencing experience. Alternatively, the solution supports the use of desktop monitors and mobile phones.

If any network link has limited throughput, Huawei’s system makes the best use of the available bandwidth. The combination of Huawei’s Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technology and the H.264 High Profile Compression Standard allows the system to transmit 720p video at 30 fps with 384 kbit/s bandwidth and 1080p at 30 fps with 512 kbit/s bandwidth.

Government-compliant security

The system supports H.235 encryption and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) media stream standards when using H.323 networking. When Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) networking is used, the solution supports Third-Level Support (TLS) signaling encryption and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) media stream encryption.

Multi-layer cascading

Government networks, IT systems, and O&M setups often require a multi-level configuration that enables both independent video conferences within an agency and large-scale video conferences across agencies.

Huawei Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) support up to 5 digital cascading levels for seamless integration between 2 MCU levels. The solution also has unified maintenance and dispatching so the system can complete cascading within 5 seconds.

Video conferencing optimization diagnostics

Users can check whether network performance meets HD video conferencing requirements including:

  • Network delay
  • Packet loss
  • Jitter

The Network Management System (NMS) sends diagnostic results to the videoconferencing management platform for fault location and analysis.

Contact Huawei to get the big picture of our government videoconferencing systems.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Improve communication

Integrated HD panoramic displays deliver immersive, life-like video conference experiences

Reduce network costs 

VME with H.264 HP video processing dramatically slashes bandwidth and improves speed

Improve security and reliability

Encrypted signaling, media streams, and auto-backup ensure good confidentiality and reliability

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