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Omni-Channel Banking Solution

Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) Remote Bank Solution overview

Huawei’s Omni-Channel Banking Solution uses a unified communications platform to integrate resources in various channels, and uses a visual teller service system to coordinate expert services inside and outside banks. With benefits for branch counters, self-service equipment, and digital channels, the solution extends services to diverse scenarios, such as community banking, mobile marketing, home wealth management, and mobile teller services. This allows banks to provide almost all counter-services everywhere around the clock in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

The Omni-Channel Banking Solution consists of three sub-solutions as shown in the following figure:

Mobile Marketing

Based on Huawei mobile technology, the Mobile Marketing Solution leverages the all-in-one smart cover to develop a highly integrated terminal, mobile security workbench, and service collaboration platform that can provide 90% non-cash services, helping banks build mobile financial marketing platforms.

VTM Banking

The Huawei VTM Banking Solution consists of four architecture layers, namely the Virtual Teller Center (VTC) control center, Virtual Teller Agent (VTA) teller service system, Virtual Teller Machine (VTM), and core banking service systems. The solution provides 24/7, uninterruptible services for retail banks, allowing these banks to offer more than 90% non-cash services with counter-level experiences and efficiently deploy full-feature, self-service branches on a large scale.

Bank Contact Center

Huawei provides the E2E Bank Contact Center Solution to ensure overall system reliability, reduce service risks, and improve IT system O&M efficiency. The solution provides various media access approaches, uses the intelligent routing platform to conduct unified routing for diverse media, and distributes incoming calls to the most appropriate agents or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. The B/S architecture uses comprehensive management components, such as the Outgoing Call System, Real-time Monitoring System, Quality Inspection System, and Report System. This enables management personnel to conveniently monitor the contact center’s operating status in real time. With various service R&D interfaces, banks can customize financial contact center solutions based on their service requirements.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Secure, self-service transactions

Handles 90% of services, including 24/7 card & account setup, check handling, & wealth management

Half the deployment time with half the people

Shorten deployment time by 50% with 50% fewer employees, all while cutting lobby wait times

Wealth management advice

Offer wealth management advice from a single location, improving resource use and slashing costs

Flexible, cutting-edge techology

Deploy an open architecture and open interface platform that support CEN/XFS and other standards

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