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Mobile Money Solution

Welcome to the future financial world

Globally, 58 percent of people transfer money by giving cash in person, 24 percent transfer money through the post office, and only 18 percent transfer money through banks. 2 billion, mostly poor, adults don’t have any bank accounts. However, 1.6 billion of these people do have mobile phones. This presents a huge opportunity for banks. Banks could add USD $380 billion in annual revenue in emerging markets alone by reaching out to this demographic. Serving the non-banked has benefits beyond profits; by giving people access to savings accounts, credit, and loans, banks can help strengthen emerging middle class populations that in turn drive broader economic growth.

Challenges to Banks Serving Unbanked People

  • No affordable product for the unbanked
  • No feasible engagement channel to the unbanked
  • High investment to develop new branches

Huawei Mobile Money Solution

The Huawei Mobile Money system Enables banks to provide innovative, asset-light, and reliable mobile banking services for unbanked and underbanked consumers. It provides new forms of access to financial services for unbanked customers. Since the unbanked are not entrenched in the old-fashioned banking practices of branches, ATMs, and credit cards, they are more likely to embrace mobile money in general.

Through the Mobile Money solution, banks can provide financial services through agents rather than through branches. Agent-assisted banking provides financial services to underserved populations through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/cashier. An agent is the owner of an outlet who conducts banking transactions on behalf of a bank. Globally, these retailers are increasingly serving as important facilitators of financial inclusion.

Huawei Mobile Money is designed to provide simple, secure access to mobile finance services for unbanked and underbanked consumers. It provides mobile Wallet services using existing communications network capabilities. These services are transacted seamlessly using feature or smartphones for customers and agents.

It provides the following services:

  • Cash in, cash out — Enables customers to store and receive physical cash electronically or via agent networks
  • Money transfer — Domestic peer to peer transfer and international remittance
  • Commercial or transactional payments — Bill payment, merchant payment, and airtime top-up
  • Bulk disbursement — Organizations make payments to individual customers in bulk, such as salary payments and government or NGO transfers
  • Payment gateway services — Online payment, QR payment, NFC payment, and Direct Debit
  • Agent support capabilities — Customer registration via an agent, over the counter services, and agent liquidity management

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Inclusive financial services to enhance the customer experience

Differentiated financial services; rich channels; real-time transactions, anytime, anywhere


Zero bank branch investment; access to target customers through an agent network

Positions banks as trusted enablers of frictionless Mobile Money services

Zero data loss, 99.99% reliability, up to 1,200 TPS, 360° security protection