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Check Image Data Management Solution

Electronic transactions, process-oriented banking, and centralized processing are the latest trends in financial services. Systems struggle to keep up with the amount of unstructured data. Inefficiency costs money and financial institutions face several challenges to moving ahead:

  • Explosive growth in the number of files, slowing backup to a crawl
  • Inefficient unstructured data queries that bog down case investigations and complaint processing
  • Traditional systems that store check image data in main memory, wasting an expensive resource

Huawei’s Check Image Data Management Solution can help improve these inefficiencies and save money.

Check Image Data Management Solution implementation

Simplified backup

Huawei’s Data Classification Enabling technology shortens backup times for unstructured files, such as check images. The system uses metadata to automatically record and track adding, deleting, and updating files and can retrieve archived files, increasing file backup and archiving efficiency.

Best of all, Huawei is the only Data Classification Enabling provider that supports Windows, Linux Solaris, and AIX. Providers like IBM and EMC don’t.

Snapshot backup and multi-stream transmission

Image-level snapshot technology can improve backup efficiency by a factor of 10, up to 1 TB per hour, by transmitting data by the block instead of by the file. Your backups will blaze, taking minutes instead of hours.

Huawei’s multi-streaming technology backs up and archives files using multiple data streams. This technology improves file backup speed and enables file-level, small-granularity data recovery.

And more good news, Huawei is the only technology provider to support both image-level and multi-streaming backup. 

Efficient queries

The Check Image Data Management Solution can access archived data without visiting the production storage unit, slashing query time from hours to minutes.

It uses a dedicated stub design to store backup file paths. The stubs point to archived files in the near-line storage unit. When an application visits a stub, the system automatically calls back the archived file the stub points to, allowing the application to access archived data without visiting the production storage unit. The advanced design does not affect the application and allows it to use near-line storage instead of expensive production storage.

Huawei’s 2-layer index design, the only one in the industry, can find and query a specific file among billions. Traditional systems need at least 40 minutes, Huawei’s solution only needs a few seconds.

The secret is a primary index that tracks task objects and uses caches on hard disks to improve performance. Primary indices and relevant tasks are copied to hard disks together to improve system reliability. Meanwhile, a secondary clustered index tracks all media tasks, including the computer name and type of task.

Cost-effective operations

Huawei replaces expensive production storage with cost-effective, near-line storage. There is no more need to expand production storage systems, which lowers investment costs by as much as 80%.

The stub design prevents file archiving from degrading application system performance. Users enjoy the same experience whether they access files from near-line storage or production storage.

Huawei’s solution uses integrated design to provide one-stop file backup, archiving, and management services for more efficient lifecycle management of unstructured data. There is no need to buy multiple sets of management systems, so you save money.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Simplified backup

Back up millions of files and improve backup efficiency from a few GB to 1 TB per hour

Efficient queries

Automatically query archives without affecting Apps, cutting query time from minutes to seconds

Cost-effective operations

Keep infrequently used files in near-line storage to lower costs

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