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Wireless Private Networks

Discussing broadband trunking for various industries

Comprehensive wireless networking solutions for bandwidth-hungry applications in science, industry, and government — optimized to meet specialized requirements where reliability and performance are critical:

  • Broadband trunking and secure enterprise LTE access
  • Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS)
  • Video surveillance, multimedia conferencing, and image processing
  • GSM-R for high-speed railway and transportation services
  • Emergency command and control systems

For resilient, high-performance, and scalable eLTE infrastructure solutions, let Huawei Enterprise show you how to gain and keep the competitive edge.

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eLTE Broadband Access Solution

Huawei’s most advanced LTE technology providing broadband access services on a single network

eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution

Provides multimedia trunking, video and voice, and video surveillance efficiently and cheaply

Railway Mobile Communications (GSM-R) Solutions

Provides a wireless communication system for the railway industry to implement train control data transmission, emergency communication, and group calling services,

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Huawei eLTE Goes to the Olympics

Nanjing built a private municipal network using Huawei's eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution for the Asian Youth Games and Youth Olympics

World’s First LTE Metro Line

The metro was the world’s first to adopt LTE to carry the Passenger Information System (PIS), video surveillance, and fire alarm system

Pilot TD-LTE Smart Grid Communication Network

Fourth-generation TD-LTE solution improves Smart Grid distribution network communications in China

North Sea: World’s First Offshore LTE Network

An LTE voice and data network for oil drilling platforms, FPSOs, oil tankers, and onshore stations

World’s First LTE Train-Ground Network

Huawei provided the world’s first LTE train-ground wireless communications system for Zhengzhou China’s metro system

Huawei eLTE Helped Protect a River

After deploying Huawei's eLTE broadband network the accident rate dropped by 50 percent and emergency response efficiency rose by 30 percent

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