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Data Center Network Solution

Huawei Connect 2017: CloudFabric & FabricInsight

The extensive use of cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile Internet is accelerating the launch of new services and creating more data center traffic. This requires a quick response from data center networks.

Huawei CloudFabric cloud data center network solution employs the flagship core switch series CloudEngine 12800, the high-performance box switch series CloudEngine 8800/7800/6800/5800, and the virtual switch CloudEngine 1800V. The solution works with Huawei Agile Controller and FabricInsight intelligent network analysis platform to provide customers with next-generation data center networks that implement agile network deployment, intelligent network O&M, and ultra-broadband interconnection, and form an open ecosystem. In addition, the solution provides fabric models for various industrial scenarios and supports on-demand flexible customization through self-services to quickly complete the design of cloud data center network solutions in the industry. Currently, the solution serves in more than 2,800 data centers around the world.

  • Agile deployment: Huawei Agile Controller allows users to implement automatic network orchestration through drag-and-drop, shortening the service provisioning period from weeks to minutes.
  • Intelligent O&M: FabricInsight enables users to understand network situations from the application perspective, helping locate faults within minutes.
  • Ultra-broadband interconnection: Huawei 400G data center interconnection solution implements high-speed mass data migration between data centers, greatly improving bandwidth utilization between data centers.
  • Open ecosystem: Huawei CloudFabric cloud data center network solution has an all-layer open architecture that implements integration of multiple vendors, providing an optimal cloud data center network solution for users.

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400G interconnection between data centers implements high-speed mass data migration between data centers


Automated network deployment and intelligent O&M enable users to provision services and locate faults within minutes


Standardized open architecture enables open-source partnership, creating an E2E open cloud ecosystem

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