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Video Cloud Solution

Low-cost video cameras and powerful computer-vision technologies are bringing the benefits of multimedia communications to virtually every industry – from public safety and video surveillance to manufacturing, entertainment, and health care.

The rapid adoption of HD video in large-scale, connected systems has proven video analysis and processing brings new challenges to storing and retrieving vast amounts of data. How to ensure security, reliability, and responsive performance when processing terabytes and petabytes of unstructured data from thousands of HD video cameras across hundreds of channels? How about data backup and recovery requirements?

Working with innovative partners worldwide, Huawei has developed comprehensive storage infrastructure solutions for the most advanced video and multimedia applications. The key is a truly cloud-based architecture with tightly integrated networking, storage, and computing products.

High-performance storage systems are integrated with Huawei’s FusionSphere Cloud OS into a 2-level architecture; enabling the convergence of computing and storage across a virtualized environment of applications and infrastructure, to overcome bottlenecks that are unmanageable in traditional IT networks.

Oceanstor V3 Storage Systems’ multi-controller architecture supports linear growth in capacity as well as distributed image processing based on application and the network topology. By intelligently distributing storage and processing functionality, performance is optimized while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Primary video streams are directly stored without intermediate processing. Distribution templates enable an ISV or solution provider to configure and deploy surveillance video distribution filters in 20 minutes — reducing by 40% the time taken to deliver new services.

Huawei Video Cloud Storage Solutions support the collection and storage of up to 384 HD video-stream channels, with up to 96 channels of simultaneous play-back. A fully configured system can collect and store hundreds of thousands of videos concurrently. Values assigned to channels, timeframes, or video images are used to determine the number of backup copies, damaged video data recovery settings, and the length of retention times.

The FusionSphere Cloud OS supports virtual resource pools, enabling resources to be allocated dynamically and on-demand. Comprehensive management features include the SmartContainer integration tool and keyword inquiry support, allowing up to 30 days worth of video to be analyzed in one day.

For large-scale HD video and multimedia applications, Huawei provides the complete, cloud-based IT infrastructure needed to meet the demands of such rapidly evolving technologies.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Converged Architecture

Lowers TCO by 30%

Efficient and Intelligent

Browses 30 days of recorded videos in one day

Secure and Reliable

Prevents loss of critical video