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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Huawei’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions offer end-to-end methods for protecting against disaster and ensuring that the enterprise continues to function.

  • Choose the level of protection that meets your enterprise needs, from protecting against single-point failure to full coverage with geographical redundancy
  • Leverage redundant resources to suit your requirements with active-standby, active-active, or hybrid solutions
  • Take advantage of Huawei’s Professional Consulting Services for expert help in evaluating your recovery capabilities

See how Huawei’s cost-effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions can protect you from disaster.


Today’s data centers must guarantee 24/7 continuity for enterprise core operations, yet traditional disaster recovery solutions have fatal defects in technology and disaster response methods. Shortcomings in traditional recovery methods increase both cost and risk:

  • Redundant systems that operate only during emergencies result in low resource utilization
  • Awkward switchovers to backup systems interrupt applications
  • Long switchover times cause data loss

Huawei’s extensive experience in all aspects of data center implementation and protection — from servers and storage systems to LANs and telecommunications links supporting geographical diversity — make Huawei the ideal partner for ensuring reliable disaster recovery and business continuity.


Huawei provides end-to-end disaster recovery solutions covering all layers, from the underlying data to applications running in one or multiple data centers. Huawei offers the following solutions to meet different enterprise requirements:

  • The High Availability (HA) solution protects a data center against Single Points of Failure (SPoF)
  • Active-standby disaster recovery uses two data centers working in active/standby mode in the same or different locations. If the active data center is no longer available, the standby data center takes over services immediately, ensuring continuous service provisioning
  • Active-active disaster recovery uses two data centers working in load-sharing mode in the same location. The two data centers provide backup for each other, ensuring high service availability and data security
  • Hybrid disaster recovery uses two data centers working in active/standby or load-sharing mode in the same location along with a standby data center in another location. Multiple levels of redundancy achieve more reliable business continuity

Active-active configuration achieves zero interruptions and improves overall performance

Huawei’s active-active disaster recovery solution is implemented in five layers of both the production and disaster-recovery data centers. This configuration implements load-balancing and achieves zero application interruption and zero data loss.

By leveraging industry best practices and joint optimization of storage, database, and cloud operating system, this solution improves online service performance as well as providing disaster recovery and business continuity.

Intuitive management tools provide comprehensive disaster recovery overview

Huawei’s management GUI clarifies the status of resources in one or multiple data centers to simplify management decisions. Unified monitoring, alarm management, and display significantly reduce maintenance workload. One-click disaster drills and recoveries quickly reveal system issues while minimizing impact to services.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Active-active applications

Active-active assurance for storage, hosts, applications, networks, security, and transmission, non-stop services, and zero data loss

Asymmetrical architecture

The pooling and reusing of storage and computing resources improve resource utilization and protect existing investments

Visualized disaster recovery management

Unique platform for DR monitoring, alert and one-click switch over, makes system maintenance easy

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