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Data Center Backup Solution

All-in-one design for massive scale data protection provides backup, archiving, analysis, de-duplication, and search in a unified manner

As data continues to grow exponentially in volume and variety and distribution becomes more scattered, enterprise backup systems are faced with a variety of challenges and cannot cope with the ever-increasing service requirements.

Huawei Datacenter Backup Solution provides the answer with comprehensive networking architectures and abundant backup functions covering remote offices, data centers, backup for files, applications, and virtualization.

The All-In-One Backup, Centralized Backup and Virtual machine Backup of the Datacenter Backup Solution are provided at production center scale to meet the varying backup requirements of enterprise users.

  • The All-In-One Backup employs a comprehensive backup system that applies to users with moderate backup requirements. It is a usable-upon-startup solution, easy to deploy, manage, and maintain, remarkably simplifying system construction and maintenance. Abundant backup functions and elastic system scalability resolve low service availability and hard expansion problems facing traditional backup systems.
  • The Centralized Backup employs distributed backup systems and applies to users who have complex networking environments and a variety of backup services. It uses the backup management node to centrally manage the data center and branches and also schedule backup tasks. It notably simplifies backup system operation and enables users to centrally manage backup systems easily. LAN-base, LAN-free, and server-free backup networks allow users to properly plan existing network resources and external backup media provide a strong guarantee for expansive backup data.
  • The Virtual machine Backup is for Huawei FusionSphere and VMware vSphere with a fully distributed, scale-out architecture, supporting a maximum of 10,000 virtual machines.

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Second-level backup and recovery;Permanent incremental backup


Simple management;Startup-and-play


Rich backup modes;Diversified cloud environments