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End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution

Huawei’s End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution provides 1080p60 HD video that is highly reliable, secure, and stable. It offers a smooth across-the-table conferencing experience that:

  • Saves on travel costs
  • Improves productivity
  • Accelerates decision-making

Whatever your video conferencing needs, from small rooms to cinema-level, this solution will help keep your company competitive. Check out the details.

With increasingly fierce competition and rapid internationalization, companies must respond quickly to customer demands. They need lightning-fast decision-making to adapt and video conferencing is an important tool.

  • Internationalization requires frequent communication and collaboration between groups around the globe. Travel costs increase all the time so many enterprises turn to video conferencing to help the bottom line.
  • Effective communication depends on technological innovation. People require ever-better video conferencing with high quality audio, video, and data sharing.
  • Systems must be stable, with backup mechanisms to meet internal requirements. Plus, they must integrate with existing office or service systems to keep costs low and make them easy to use.
  • New systems must integrate with existing systems, such as OA and industrial systems, to increase use

The Huawei End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution helps meet those challenges and more.

Driven by the need for remote communication and collaboration, the video conferencing solution offers these features:

Create an in-person experience with life-like 1080p60 HD video, panoramic seamless telepresence, eye-to-eye contact, sound localization, and dynamic dual streaming.

Conference continuity with nine back up mechanisms:

  • Service management system
  • Core switching platform
  • Carrier network
  • Network port
  • Access endpoint
  • Power supply
  • Main control board
  • Service board
  • Audiovisual codec chipset

Run efficient video conferences with voice dialing, SiteCall, one-tap conferences, wireless presentation, and wireless microphones

Maximize return on investment and get excellent network adaptability with multiple data connection types including IP, E1, ISDN, and 20% packet loss concealment

Use APIs to maximize return on investment and easily interface with Microsoft Lync®, IBM Sametime®, and Skype™

Find out more about the Huawei advantage. Contact a representative today.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Life-Like 1080p60 Video

Huawei provides an end-to-end 1080p60 HD videoconferencing solution to help users construct end-to-end HD videoconferencing systems for remote communication. The solution includes cameras, microphones, codecs, and MCUs and supports 1080p60 to create an in-person experience, encouraging users to utilize the videoconferencing systems for daily communication and collaboration.

High Reliability with Nine Backup Mechanisms

Leveraging Huawei's expertise in the telecommunication domain, Huawei videoconferencing systems and products are designed with great reliability. They adopt multiple backup mechanisms for all key components, from the chipsets to MCUs and the management system. Enterprises in all industries can rely on Huawei's videoconferencing systems to fulfill their daily communication needs.

High Convergence and Interoperation Capabilities

Huawei's videoconferencing systems can interoperate with office and service systems in enterprises. For example, users can send emails to schedule conferences. Interoperation allows enterprise employees to use the videoconferencing systems in a familiar environment and improves the utilization of videoconferencing systems.