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Distance Education Solution

eSpace Education Solution

Education is critical to the 21st Century economy. Society depends on educational development, technological advancement, and innovative methods to prepare students for the real world.

However, challenges abound:

  • Uneven resource distribution: High-quality resources are scarce and poorly distributed
  • Lack of interactivity: Online courses often bore students, resulting in poor participation
  • Poor stakeholder communication: Poor communication interrupts vital communications between instructors and parents
  • Poor video resources: Some systems lack live broadcasting and recording, making it difficult to share courses and improve video quality

With the Huawei Distance Education solution students can attend any course, anytime, anywhere, with any device. Coupled with improved instructional methods students stay engaged and receive a good education that prepares them for the competitive rigors of the 21st Century.

Interactive multimedia tools

Liven up your learning environment with interactive multimedia.

  • Real-time multimedia provides learning materials optimized for the online experience
  • Live HD video broadcasting and recording supports on-demand access from different types of terminals
  • Rich self-study materials increase student engagement

Improved instructor management

Better instructors mean better instruction. Train the best.

  • Efficient job training teaches the teachers in the latest instructional methods and concepts
  • Instructors can improve job performance, career advancement, and job satisfaction with powerful indicies that track the types of training they have taken and their performance
  • Improved end-to-end office staff and instructor-to-instructor communication promotes more staff collaboration and destroys information silos

Enhanced resource sharing

Topple data silos and get everyone on the same page.

  • Improved resource sharing between multiple campuses, schools, and states allows for better resource utilization to save money and the ability to seamlessly blend the best teaching materials from a variety of sources
  • Delivering rich digital teaching tools such as digital books, videos, and presentations is a snap with comprehensive resource management
  • Better resource sharing means fewer trips, slashing travel costs and saving time

eClassrooms in any size or shape

Choose the size, shape, and configuration of eClassrooms based on your specific requirements.

Remote instruction

Conduct discussions, expert lectures, regular student classes, academic presentations, and administrative conferences from a single location and available in multiple places.

Multimedia instruction

Computer-aided instruction, digital collaboration, information sharing, and tablet-based interaction keeps all educational stakeholders engaged and on topic.

Broadcasting and video recording

Disseminate and reuse information from any event with live broadcasting and video recording.

Flexible classrooms

From small seminar rooms to cinema size auditoriums and live studios to auto-directed rooms, tailor eClassroom configurations to the specific needs of a location.

Flexible eClassroom choices

Get the Huawei advantage and bring your distance learning programs into the 21st Century. Contact a Huawei representative today.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Innovative instruction methods engage students

Multimedia seminars, 1080p audiovisual interactive teaching, and HD broadcasts engage students

Convenient instructor management

Unified instructor training & management helps career planning & job performance measurement

Improved resource sharing slashes costs

Shared, on-demand distribution and playback of learning resources and events slashes costs