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eA360 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

This industrial-grade CPE acts as a wireless gateway that delivers eLTE wireless routing, converts eLTE wireless data to wired Ethernet data, and vice versa.

A Web-based configuration utility with a user-friendly GUI provides remote management, centralized fault detection, and recovery functions for the eA360 CPE.

Huawei’s eLTE wireless eA360 CPE — ruggedly built with protection for outdoor conditions — provides services such as data collection and video surveillance.

Industrial-grade CPEs for enterprise networks deliver high-speed data services with a Web-based GUI for configuration and remote management

  • Supports multiple uplink-downlink ratio configurations, including 3:1 (uplink: downlink) for streaming data-intensive uplink services such as video surveillance and data collection
  • Offers a wide range of mobile access frequencies (1.8 GHz/2.3 GHz/2.6 GHz/3.5 GHz/3.7 GHz) to accommodate existing broadband resources
  • Features remote management for easy deployment of current and future broadband resources, centralized fault detection, and recovery
  • Suitable for common and harsh environments, complies with 3GPP LTE standards, and has an enclosure that provides lightning protection, is shockproof, and meets ingress protection IP65 standards, which means the unit is rated dust-tight and is protected against water projected from a nozzle






Frequency Band

eLTE TDD (1,785 MHz to 1805 MHz)

eLTE TDD (1,880 MHz to 1,920 MHz)

eLTE TDD (2,300 MHz to 2,400 MHz)

eLTE TDD (2570 to 2620 MHz)

eLTE TDD (3,400 MHz to 3 600 MHz)

eLTE TDD (3,600 MHz to 3,800 MHz)

External Interface

  • 1 Ethernet interface (RJ45): 10/100 Base-TX
  • 1 USB interface
  • 2 External antenna interfaces (N-type female connector)
  • 1 SIM card slot

Maximum Transmit Power

23 ±2 dBm

Receiving Sensitivity

  • < -100 dBm/5 MHz
  • < -97 dBm/10 MHz
  • < -94 dBm/20 MHz


Power Consumption

< 25W

Power supply


Dimensions (W x D x H)

285 mm x 250 mm x 85 mm

eA660-208 only: 245 mm x 205 mm x 75 mm


About 3 kg (power supply adapter not included)

Water and Dust Proof


Operating Temperature

-40℃ to +65℃


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