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FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center

FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center solution integrates UPS, PDU, monitoring, and battery pack in a single cabinet. All parts are prefabricated, pre-installed, and pre-tested. On-site installation is fast and easy. The FusionModule500 features a monitoring function with web interface that can realize remote operation. At the same time, the FusionModule500 can be equipped with Huawei NetEco management system, achieving centralized monitoring and unified management. A 24U or 42U cabinet is optional. It is suitable for mini data centers for finance, government, education, and enterprises, etc.

Simple delivery, rapid deployment, rack-level smart mini data center

  • Simple: It is prefabricated, pre-installed, and pre-tested; on-site installation only takes two hours; mobile phone App, SMS alarm, remote web platform monitoring, and centralized management for multiple data centers to provide unattended operation; remote charge and discharge battery function simplifies O&M

  • Efficient: The rack-level data center only occupies 0.5m2 footprint, and saves space by at least 50%

  • Reliable: Air conditioners can automatically start when power is supplied, eliminating the risk of overheat. Batteries can intelligently power off if overheating, preventing fires



FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center

Number of ICT Cabinets

    1 to 2 

      Number of Battery Cabinets

        1 to 2 

          UPS Capacity

            3 kVa, 6 kVA, or 10 kVA


                Natural cooling

                  Cabinet Height

                  24U or 42U

                  Power Backup Mode

                  Battery pack, battery cabinet, or battery rack

                  Battery Backup Time

                  15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, or 240 min


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