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S5720-HI Series Agile Fixed Switches

Fully programmable, energy-efficient Gbit/s access switches for building high-density, agile Ethernet networks.

Innovative virtualization technology and specialized electronics greatly simplify management of converged, wired and wireless networks, provide more granular quality monitoring and error recovery, and enable rapid provisioning of new services and network features.

Available in 24-port and 48-port models with 10 GE uplink ports for enabling comprehensive services processing capabilities.

Configure high-density, low-latency Gbit/s access to server-based applications with Huawei’s agile, SDN-ready S5720-HI Enterprise Campus Switches

  • Native Access Controllers (ACs) provide efficient, seamless support of converged, wired and wireless networks
  • Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) parent that virtualizes wired switches and wireless APs into a single device, greatly simplifying network management
  • Programmable Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chip lets administrators provision new services and network features quickly, without replacing hardware
  • Innovative Packet Conservation Algorithm for Internet (iPCA) technology enhances automatic monitoring and recovery from failures, for a more resilient and responsive user experience





S5720-56C-PWR-HI-AC (AC1)

Switching Capacity

598 Gbit/s

598 Gbit/s

598 Gbit/s

Forwarding Performance

168 Mpps

192 Mpps

192 Mpps

Fixed Ports

24 x 1,000 Base-X, 8 x combo (10/100/1,000 Base-T), 4 x 10 GE SFP+

48 x 10/100/1,000 Base-T, 4 x 10 GE SFP+

48 x 10/100/1,000 Base-T, 4 x 10 GE SFP+

Extended Slots

One extended slot supporting a 4 x 10 GE SFP+ subcard

One slot reserved for the stack card

MAC Address Table




Wireless Service

AP access control, AP domain management, and AP configuration template management

Radio management, unified static configuration, and dynamic centralized management

WLAN basic services, QoS, security, and user management

CAPWAP, tag/terminal positioning, and spectrum analysis

iPCA Quality Awareness

Directly marking service packets to obtain the packet loss ratio and number of lost packets

Obtaining the packet loss ratio and number of lost packets at the device level and Layer 2/3 network level

Super Virtual Fabric (SVF)

Allowing a switch to function as the parent to manage access switches and APs

Supporting a two-layer AS architecture

Supporting management over devices of third-party vendors on a hybrid network


VBST (Compatible with PVST/PVST+/RPVST)

LNP (Similar to DTP)

VCMP (Similar to VTP)

For detailed interoperability certifications and test reports, click HERE.

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