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FusionStorage Block Distributed Storage System

Deploy generic servers as high-reliability cloud storage systems with distributed block storage software designed for large-scale data center operations. Distributed storage architecture and advanced data routing, caching, and global load-balancing technologies ensure high-performance and high-availability storage, as well as access to petabyte-scale data.

Open interfaces and APIs enable customization to support both traditional and cloud-based storage resources, and specialized requirements for mission-critical applications in the telecommunications, finance, security, energy utilities, Smart Grid, and healthcare industries.

Transform HDD and SSD storage and generic x86 servers into large-scale storage resource pools for high-performance and resilient cloud storage

  • High Scalability: Industry-leading capacity with support for 4,096 nodes and 196 PB; performance and capacity linearly increase to protect investments and provide flexible, on-demand scalability of storage resources
  • High Performance: Process 10 million+ IOPS on high-speed 56 Gbit/s Infiniband networks using distributed controller, caching technologies, and parallel I/O processing
  • Open Interfaces: Support a mixture of cloud and non-cloud infrastructure, hybrid deployments on various virtualization platforms, and block storage on generic x86 servers – customized to meet your specialized needs

Key Features

Maximum No. of Nodes per Cluster


Storage Type

Block storage

Storage Medium




Data Redundancy

Two or three identical data copies


Server and rack-level reliability

Heterogeneous Servers


Storage Services

Snapshot and thin provisioning


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