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See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Hotels Rest Easy with Better Operations

Taj Hotels’ GPON-based unified hotel operations platform for management and guests

Wi-Fi network for Germany’s largest stadium

Largest German stadium increased revenue while gaining better efficiency and security

Agile Wi-Fi stadium network scores big

Dutch soccer stadium scores big with Huawei’s agile, high-density Wi-Fi network

Building a World-Class Hotel Network

Internet, VOD, video conferencing, wireless communications, and property management for luxury hotels

Fixed Broadband Network for Chinese TV

Huawei built a fixed broadband network with bi-directional coverage for cable, interactive HD TV, and 10M Internet for a Chinese TV network

Telecom Operator Builds a Flagship Network

Building a GPON-based, FTTH access network with home, enterprise, and mobile service for a UAE-based telecom operator