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Service Policies

Huawei Enterprise support offers flexibility to partners and end-customers with the administration and delivery of support services. The following describes key policies for the delivery of maintenance services:

Support Start Date Policy

Huawei HiCare and CoCare maintenance support begins on the date of shipment from the Huawei or an authorized Huawei distributor. The HiCare and CoCare service start date may be extended to begin at any date, up to 90 days from the date of shipment.

Warranty Start Date Policy

If the engineering or installation service for the products is not purchased, the warranty starts on the 90th day after the product shipment date from Huawei. If the engineering or installation service is purchased, the warranty starts from the date the installation report is signed, but no later than 90 days after Huawei ships the product. If the installation report is signed 90 days after shipment, the warranty automatically starts on the 90th day after shipment.

Product Dead-on-Arrival Policy

New equipment that fails at first boot up or 48 hours after power on, including before Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) of Huawei delivery project. If a failure has occurred, products may be replaced through the DOA process, and in some situations, may be eligible for warranty exchange, or replacement through Huawei HiCare support. End-Customers, Value-Add-Resellers (VARs) and Global Alliance Partners (GPs) must contact the product distributor to initiate the DOA process. Distributor and Value-Add-Partners (VAPs) must apply by calling the USA Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1-877-9HUAWEI.

Product Life Cycle Policy and Announcements

Huawei has performs lifecycle and end of life planning according to industry conventions and has an established a lifecycle management system, product lifecycle, and end-of-life strategy… more

Huawei HiCare Service Description

The Huawei HiCare Service Description provides a description of the Huawei HiCare support offer, Service Level Agreement (SLAs) support commitment, and general information about the Huawei HiCare support offering.

Huawei HiCare User Guide

The Huawei HiCare User Guide is a comprehensive guide for administration and implementation of Huawei HiCare support services by Huawei Channel Partners for Huawei HiCare resale, or to end-user customers


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