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Power Module Efficiency 97.5 %: Huawei Released UPS5000-S at CeBIT 2016

3/17/2016 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

[Hanover, Germany, March 16]

Huawei introduced a modular Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) with a high efficient power module of up to 97.5% at CeBIT 2016.

Huawei released UPS5000-S at CeBIT 2016

With data centers being the world's fifth largest energy-consuming industry, expanding 400 billion kWh annually, each percentage point increase in UPS efficiency can reduce power consumption by 5 billion kWh per year.

The vision of Huawei's Network Energy business is to lead the ICT energy field by providing simple, efficient and reliable network energy solutions, thus helping customers to manage the problems caused by overload power grids.

In its new UPS, by using high efficient power module, Huawei has achieved 97.5% efficiency at 40% load rate, which will benefit in significant reduction of electricity cost. Also, by adopting the ECO mode in areas with stable power grids, the efficient can be up to 99%, and save more energy. The transfer time is 0 ms under typical working conditions. In addition, the power density of UPS5000-S modules is up to 50 kVA/3 U, which is almost twice the average density of modular UPS products. Higher power density means smaller footprint. UPS5000-S saves 50% footprint compared with other UPS products of the same capacity. This advantage is especially important to ISP customers, because they can reserve more space for IT racks. Taking 100 Huawei UPS5000-S-600 kVA products as an example, the space saved can house more than 100 IT racks, reducing the cost by about 1.22M USD each year.

UPS5000-S also provides the quick charge function. The charge is changeable according to the load rate and the charge power can reach 30% of rated UPS power. The battery charging time is greatly reduced to ensure the backup time safety.

Huawei UPS products have been applied around the world and are widely favored by customers. To provide more efficient UPS products, Huawei has specifically focused on component, module, and system excellence. For components, Huawei carefully analyzes energy dissipation devices through contrast tests, selecting only the best products from leading manufacturers to reduce loss. For modules, Huawei employs patented topology and architecture to effectively reduce consumption. Finally, improved algorithms ensure more accurate software control over hardware to enhance system efficiency.