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Huawei Launches World’s First Software-defined Networking-based Agile Internet of Things Solution

5/21/2015 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:
[Beijing, China, May 21, 2015]
Huawei today launched the world’s first software-defined networking (SDN)-based Agile Internet of Things (IoT) Solution at Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015. The solution enables objects to connect to the Internet and communicate with each other, while enabling convenient network management and maintenance. 

“IoT is the future of our increasingly digitized world and networks are key to driving value creation for enterprises. With Huawei’s IoT technologies and offerings, we hope to support the digital transformation of traditional industries and the development of the IoT ecosystem”, said Li Xianyin, General Manager, Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei. 

Li Xianyin, General Manager of Enterprise Gateway Product Domain, launched the Agile IoT Solution at HNC 2015

The Huawei Agile IoT Solution consists of three core components: the Agile Controller, Agile IoT gateways, and LiteOS, an IoT operating system (OS).

  • LiteOS: LiteOS is a lightweight, open source IoT OS. Compared with other IoT OS, Liteos is three times smaller in size and consumes four times less power. Its microsecond response speed is also 20 percent faster. In addition, the LiteOS is an open source system that provides a unified development platform. The system fosters the development of the IoT system as partners can obtain codes from the open source community free of charge and quickly build their own IoT products. 
  • Agile IoT Gateways: The Agile IoT gateway is designed to bridge sensor and IP networks. It has the following key features.
    • Huawei’s Access Router Series IoT Gateway products provide more than 17 types of IoT interfaces, which can dynamically load protocols from the Agile Controller according to service requirements. 
    • Huawei’s Agile IoT Gateway supports local processing and decision-making by integrating computing and storage resources.
    • With an industrial-grade design, the agile IoT gateway is water, dust, and shock resistant, and has anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities. It can also operate under a wide range of temperatures to meet the requirements of various application scenarios.
  • Agile Controller: Huawei’s Agile Controller is an IoT platform enables unified management of IoT terminals, gateways, computing resources, applications and data. It also provides seamless scalability to support management and control of increasing IoT terminals. It is built on an open software architecture that enables access for various industry applications. 

Currently, the Huawei IoT Solution has been applied to many areas including buildings, electricity meters, home appliances, power distribution networks and gymnasiums. Moving forward, Huawei will work with its partners to foster an open and thriving IoT ecosystem to ultimately create a better connected world.