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HD Video Conferencing Promotes Collaboration

3/30/2013 5:24:18 PM


The Ryazan region of the Russian Federation has a multitude of sub-administrative units that were creating communication problems and increasing expenses. Ryazan covers an area of 39,600 square kilometers and includes 25 sub-regions, 4 state-level cities, 8 district-level cities, 4 intra-city districts, 28 towns, and 505 villages. The regional government consists of 31 agencies located throughout the capital of Ryazan City. Communication among these agencies had become nearly unmanageable.


Just as businesses are using information technology to become more proficient and reduce operating costs, so are governments as they face similar challenges: slow internal flow of information, low productivity, and high operating costs. The government of Ryazan was desperately searching for a solution that would solve its communication gridlock and increase productivity.


Huawei proposed a platform for High-Definition (HD) video conferencing that would enable all government agencies to collaborate more efficiently. Relying on Huawei’s cutting-edge products and technologies, the government implemented a videoconferencing system in 66 meeting places across the region.

The system employs 2 VP9620 Multi-point Control Units (MCU) and 66 VP9030 HD videoconferencing endpoints. The solution has the following advantages:

Flexible construction and easy expansion

Designed according to standard protocols, the system can be linked with other existing equipment in the network, providing maximum protection for the client’s investment. The system can also easily be expanded in the future, further enhancing its investment value.

High performance and all-around HD

The MCU allotted necessary resources to each individual endpoint, ensuring the quality of video conferences. Superior audio/video decoding technologies guarantee flawless transmission of HD audio, video, and other data for optimum conference experience.

User-friendly interface

The VP9000-series MCU has a user-friendly interface that features active calling, ad-hoc conference creation or participation, and remote control, making the system simple and easy to use.


By working with Huawei, the government now has a platform for region-wide collaboration. The system has helped the government to speed up its flow of information, work more efficiently, and cut its operating costs. Huawei’s remote conferencing system also has improved the government of Ryazan’s capacity to respond to public emergencies.