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Campus Network Enhances Newcastle’s Future

2/4/2015 12:00:00 AM


Newcastle University in the northeast of England is a world-class research university and one of the “Top 20” universities in the U.K. In the latest survey report by The Times of London, Newcastle University was selected as the best place to work, and student satisfaction ranked No. 10. Meanwhile, university administrators and faculty have set a goal to achieve even greater worldwide renown as an excellent academic research and liberal arts university by the year 2021.  


Part of their strategy is to build a digitized campus.

Specifically, the university will construct and utilize ICT facilities in a digitized teaching environment. The university will use an advanced network to enhance its academic standing in fields as varied as social media and cloud computing.

The digital era has created an unprecedented opportunity to spread knowledge and culture as well as higher education. However, new teaching models such as real-time remote education, interactive classrooms, online Video on Demand, online testing, and video conferencing require greater network bandwidth. A growing student population also increases the burden on the campus network.

Another issue is students’ growing use of Wi-Fi terminals such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones — made difficult because of multiple coverage holes on the historic university campus.  


Huawei proposed an industry-leading campus network solution featuring a 100 GE core, 10 GE aggregation, and full-gigabit Wi-Fi coverage.

Huawei’s digitized, wired campus network solution features large capacity and improved reliability. Huawei’s switches also can accommodate the university’s campus network bandwidth requirements for the next 10 years. Huawei campus switches can seamlessly work with other vendors’ devices running many proprietary protocols. Huawei’s eSight Network Management System can manage devices from many other vendors. As a result, Newcastle University can still use some of its old devices as aggregation devices on the new campus network, ensuring a high ROI.

Huawei’s high-speed wireless network features the AP5030DN series Access Point (AP) that supports the 802.11ac standard. The AP provides an access rate of 1.75 Gbit/s. In addition, Huawei’s advanced user-awareness technology builds flexible, secure information transmission channels, providing network policies matching customers and terminals anywhere, anytime.


Newcastle University not only will have Huawei’s highly cost-effective campus network solution delivering 100 GE core, 10 GE aggregation, and full gigabit Wi-Fi coverage, but also a more modern campus for improved teaching and research capabilities.