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Accelerate Innovation with FusionSphere Cloud Computing

FusionCloud Omni solution

Huawei Cloud Computing Solutions bring high-availability, secure IT services to life — with huge benefits to large-scale data centers, enterprise IT networks, and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). 

  • More computing power for cutting-edge, server-based applications
  • Responsive service for more users at less cost
  • Safer, more secure storage, backup, and recovery
  • Simplified management for control and easy scalability  

Let Huawei provide an end-to-end solution for your business, based on FusionSphere — with tightly integrated access, storage, desktop, and mobile technologies for cloud computing and cloud services.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Horizontal Convergence

Huawei FusionSphere implements unified operation and management on the IT infrastructure through horizontal convergence

Vertical Convergence

Huawei FusionCube implements end-to-end consolidation of a variety of hardware and software to achieve high cost-efficiency

Access Convergence

Huawei FusionAccess enables secure, ubiquitous network access to optimize user experience and greatly improve work efficiency

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FusionCloud Desktop Solution

FusionCloud Solutions transform ICT infrastructure for simpler, safer, more secure enterprise mobility.

Data Center Virtualization Solution

Huawei’s FusionCloud computing and virtualization technologies help enterprises improve IT operational efficiency and service agility

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Desktop Cloud Draws Praise in Africa

FusionCloud Desktops streamlined conference operations and protected data for the African Union

Breaking News: Desktop Cloud Cuts Costs

China Central TV efficiently covers the news with a flexible, reliable Huawei desktop cloud system

FusionCloud Streamlines Train Service

Xi’an Railway increased IT management efficiency with FusionCloud and virtualization

FusionCloud and Hong Kong Airlines Fly High

HKA chose the FusionCloud Desktop Solution with a cloud data center plus thin client architecture to upgrade existing office systems