The IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, AI, and other ICT technologies are developing at an accelerated speed. The value of innovations being made in city governance, municipal administration, public services, commercial development, and others, is seen clearly by the day as these technologies help advance the construction of smart cities at a steady pace. Huawei is dedicated to constructing a beneficial smart city ecosystem and platform. In 2016, Huawei's Smart City Solution was applied in over 120 cities across more than 40 countries.

The 7th Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) will be held on November 14-16, 2017 in Barcelona. Huawei is joining this event using 'Leading New ICT, Creating a Smart City Nervous System' as theme, preparing to demonstrate Huawei and partners' smart city solutions and successful practices.

During the event, Huawei will hold a Global Smart City Summit on the afternoon of November 14. We have invited opinion leaders, city constructors, and experts from all industries and corners of the world to share their experience and thoughts on smart city construction as well as to coordinate efforts, share facts, and engage in constructive discussions, joining hands to capture the opportunities brought by digital transformation and technological progress.

We extend our sincere invitation to this grand event. Welcome!

Yan Lida President of Enterprise BG
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


  • Yan Lida

    Enterprise Business Group

  • Svetoslav MIHAYLOV

    Policy Officer
    Directorate General for Communications Networks,
    Content and Technology (DG CONNECT)
    European Commission

  • Dr. Alaa Nassif

    Royal Commission at Yanbu

  • Zhang Baoqing

    Weifang Smart City Development Office

  • Chen Dongping

    Big Data Research Institute of Smart City

  • Oleg Logvinov

    Co-Founder, President, CEO of IoTecha Corporation
    Chair IEEE 1901.1
    Chair IEEE P2413

  • Dr. Zheng Zhibin

    General Manager
    Smart City Solution Department

  • Ye Qing

    Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
    Co., Ltd. (IBR)

  • Dr. Eric Woods

    Research Director
    Navigant Research


  • Summit (GMT+2)
    Leading New ICT, Creating a Smart City Nervous System
    Yan Lida
    President of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei
    European Commission’s Vision on Smart Cities
    Svetoslav MIHAYLOV
    Policy Officer of Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), European Commission
    Build a Better Connected  Smart RC Yanbu, Saudi
    Dr. Alaa Nassif
    CEO of Royal Commission at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
    Weifang's Road to Smart City
    Zhang Baoqing
    Director of Weifang Smart City Development Office, China
    New Practice in China’s Smart City
    Chen Dongping
    President of Big Data Research Institute of Smart City, Shenzhen
    IoT and Smart Cities
    Oleg Logvinov
    Co-Founder, President and CEO of IoTecha Corporation, Chair IEEE 1901.1, Chair IEEE P2413
    IOC Solution Release
    Dr. Zheng Zhibin
    General Manger of Smart City Global Business Department of EBG, Huawei
    A Building that Can Breathe
    Ye Qing
    Chairman of Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd.
    Smart City: Future Trends and UK Insights
    Eric Woods
    Research Director of Navigant Research
  • Keynote (GMT+2)
    Making Safer, Smarter and Healthier Cities
    Joe So
    CTO, Industry Solutions, Marketing & Solution Sales Dept., Enterprise Business Group, Huawei
    Solutions to Make Cities Safer
    Edwin Diender
    Vice President, Government and Public Utility Sector, Global Industry Solutions Dept., Enterprise Business Group, Huawei
  • Keynote (GMT+2)
    Ensuring digital trust in the IoT Era
    Dr. Feng Guo
    Chief IoT Solution Architect, Integrated Solution Sales Dept, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei