Booth Detail

  • Smart Healthcare

    Get a doctor with just a click. Mobile Internet and Healthcare Cloud bring quality healthcare services to everyone.

  • Education

    Breaking education barriers by lowering thresholds, improving quality, and promoting equality.

  • Industrial Parks

    Digital campus with cloud-network collaboration and one-stop VAS.

  • Travel

    Multidimensional awareness and real-time data analysis using IoV and Big Data deliver a new travel experience.

  • e-Government

    e-Government cloud eliminates inter-agency barriers, improves administrative efficiency, and protects information security.

  • Smart Agriculture

    EC-IoT gateway enables smart irrigation and precision planting to increase profits and lower costs.

  • Water Management

    TIoT monitors water extraction, supply, usage, purification, and drainage to build more liveable "sponge cities".

  • IOC

    Nerve ending" data convergence for city operations; AI and data mining of the "brain" for efficient decision-making.

  • Smart services come from data

    Various wired and wireless IoT technologies offer high density, high concurrency, low power consumption, and wide coverage for all scenarios.