• Zeus Kerravala

  • Zeus Kerravala

    Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research. Kerravala provides tactical advice and strategic guidance to help his clients in both the current business climate and the long term. He delivers research and insight to the following constituents: end-user IT and network managers; vendors of IT hardware, software and services; and members of the financial community looking to invest in the companies that he covers.

For companies to achieve their full digital potential, the network must evolve from a static resource to a flexible, dynamic system capable of ensuring business goals are always being met. What’s needed is an intent-driven network (IDN). IDNs are a new paradigm in networking where business policies (i.e., the “intent”) are formally defined, and then the network constantly monitors whether they are being implemented. If not, through the use of artificial intelligence and automation, the network will reconfigure itself, ensuring the highest levels of application performance and security.

Businesses that adopt an IDN will realize several benefits including business assurance, predictive operations, faster provisioning of new services and threats, and optimized application performance. However, the choice of which provider to use may not be clear. ZK Research presents the following criteria to help businesses identify a true IDN vendor:

  • Has an end-to-end network
  • Provides a single management console
  • Leverages the strengths of merchant and custom silicon
  • Offers a futureproofed solution
  • Provides integrated security
  • Is driven by artificial intelligence
  • Delivers an open solution
  • Offers simplified operations
  • Has a history of innovation
  • Provides global support

Making the shift to an IDN is now a business-critical initiative that should be a priority for IT leaders, as it can drive the necessary levels of agility, speed, security and automation necessary to compete in the digital transformation era.

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