The rapid integration of Information Communications Technology (ICT) with rail industry services is ushering in an era of fully-connected, digital rail transportation. The development of cloud-based services, broadband connectivity, and better-connected digital rail helps rail operators build safer, smarter, and more efficient rail transportation systems, continuously improve transportation capacity, and stimulate service innovation. This will further empower digital transformation of the rail industry, improve daily mobility, and boost social and economic development.

At InnoTrans 2018, Huawei will exhibit under the theme of "Cloud-based Railways, the Future of Mobility" to showcase how cloud-based services, mobile broadband, and cutting-edge technologies for full connectivity can be applied to the rail industry.

To coincide with InnoTrans 2018, Huawei Global Railway Summit 2018 will be held on September 20. The summit will see global rail operators, system integrators, and industry experts gather together to explore the best practices, trends, and challenges of the industry.

Again, we would like to invite you to visit our booth at InnoTrans 2018, and to be our guest at Huawei Global Railway Summit 2018. Through openness, innovation, and mutually beneficial cooperation, we will embrace the promising future of fully-connected, digital railways.

We greatly appreciate your continued support for Huawei, and are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.

Summit Agenda

Sep. 20 in Wardolf Astoria Berlin

  • 15:00-15:10
  • Opening Remarks
  • 15:10-15:40
  • Digital Railway, Improve Mobility Services
  • 15:40-16:00
  • Cloud-based Railways, Accelerating Digital Transformation
  • 16:00-16:20
  • Innovative Practices of the Railway IoT
  • 16:20-16:30
  • Break
  • 16:30-17:00
  • Cloud-Based Railways, The Future of Our Mobility
  • 17:00-17:20
  • Leading LTE Innovation, Shaping Safer Mobility


  • Liuzhongheng

    President of Global Transportation Business Unit

  • Frédéric Comtet

    Director of Huawei transportation Solution Unit

  • Jean-Pierre Loubinoux

    UIC General Director

  • Ludovic Lang

    Sales & Bids Director, Head of Innovation

  • Stephen Mellor

    Industrial Internet Consortium
    chief technology officer

  • Dr.Bernhard Gschwendtner

    Leiter Telekommuniation DBNetz AG bei Deutsche Bahn

Digital Urban Rail Solution

Huawei’s Urban Rail Operational Communication Solution constructs evolvable 4G and all-IP operational communication networks and train-to-ground wireless broadband networks based on Huawei’s 4G LTE technology. Huawei collaborates with customers and partners to build better-connected, efficient, secure, and convenient urban rail transit networks.


Booth Overview

Railway Operational Communication Network

Next-Generation Train-to-Ground Wireless Communication

Cloud OCC
Agile Depot

All-Optical Station

Agile Depot

5G Train-to-Ground Fast Transfer

Cloud Data Center
Cloud Network
Railway ICT Services
Urban Rail Operational Communication Network


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