Nigeria IKEJA achieves Power loT with help from Huawei

Nigeria Overview

Nigeria Overview

Electricity in Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

accounts for 14.5% of Africa's total population

Nigerians love football

Nigerians may even be more passionate about football than Brazilians!

Africa’s largest economy

Accounts for 23.8% of Africa's total GDP

Limited access to electricity

Daily Electricity Supply Lagos Economic Center

Of 35 million families only

have access to electricity

Families with electric meters: 30%

Families in the process to install electric meters: 25%

Families with the potential to install electric meters: 45%

70% of Nigerian families using electricity have not installed electric meters .”

Smart meter
Smart meter network
IT application system

Huawei to the Rescue

AMI Smart Meter

Mechanical meters were replaced by smart prepaid metersAnti-theft measures were taken to detect irregularities such as covers being opened, wiring reversal, etc.Multiple measurement standards: amperes, volts, watts, kilowatt/hours, etc.

The installation of smart meters with communication modules enables real-time collection of usage data. - Meter-readers no longer have to go door to door. - Smart prepaid meters have shortened the fee collection cycle from 3 months to less than a month .

AMI Builds Smart Meter Network

Huawei PLC-IoT meter reading broadband technology 2Mbps rate of data transfer enables a twenty-fold increase in the meter reading rate, supporting real-time services such as negative-feedback control and a 31% reduction in comprehensive line loss.

Huawei's innovative PLC-IoT meter reading technology re-uses lines directly, is easier to deploy than RS485 and connects wider scenarios than wireless RF. It has a 100% meter-reading success rate, and data collected from meters can be accurately transmitted to the data center.

AMI IT Application

- The AMI IT Application system uses data and statistical models to analyze line loss and electricity theft- Enables IT-supported, fully automated fee calculations, dunning and sales of prepaid electricity- 90% reduction in labor costs

Labor cost reduction 90%

The new IT application system is capable of automatically calculating each household’s power usage and managing prepaid electricity bills.

Huawei to the Rescue

AMI Various Reminding Methods

Real-time Inquiry: Detailed electricity usage reports Multiple Reminders:SMS, email, and phone calls Multiple Channels for Top-up:Counter service, websites, scratch cards, self-service terminalsProfessional Customer Service Platform:Responds quickly to customer complaints, and requests for maintenance and account-opening services

Smart meters can accurately calculate each user’s monthly electricity usage, so disputes between customers and power companies over charges can be avoided. At the same time, users are provided with a number of channels for topping up their prepaid electricity supply.

Client Benefits and Added Value

100% return on electricity investment capital, up from 60%.

30 million users on prepayment program, creating $ 180 million in revenue 3 months in advance

Lower management line loss Monthly savings: $ 4.5 million

Advanced Metering Infrastructure is such that we will be able to monitor the usage of all the customers at our offices here. We discover that Huawei is the best company that can give us these services that are required to make our proposed meter roll-out simplest. —Engr. Abiodun Ajifowobaje, Former CEO, Ikeja Electric

Power loT, Lighting Your Life
Electric power Internet of things Light Up Your Life

This is only the beginning. Nigeria is investing heavily in power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as renewable energy. These investments, with help from Huawei, will light up the lives of more and more people in the years to come.