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  • Building a Smart City nerve network

    An array of one-stop solutions, and a self-evolving open platform for smart cities

    1City Management

    2Smart Health

    3Smart Classroom

    4Public Service

  • Leading intelligent, industrial production upgrade

    New ICT technology in cloud-end collaboration, with lower costs and higher efficiency

    5Industrial simulation

    6Intelligent factory

    7Intelligent interconnection

  • Unleashing the unlimited potential of grids

    High-speed, two-way interactions: A new concept for power grids and full access to power services

    8Dispatching Center

    9Power Communications Network

    10Power IoT

  • Building a connected 3D transport system

    Secure and reliable urban transit operations; integrated and agile transport network solutions; efficient, intelligent enterprise operating platforms

    11Smart Airport Cloud

    12Railway IoT

    13Intelligent Transport Solution

  • Fast track to transform digital banking

    A new platform for business innovation, with smart data-based management and enhanced experience-based service

    14Financial Cloud

    15Omni-Channel Banking

    16Financial Big Data

    17RISC to x86 Migration

  • New ways to experience information

    Fast media information production and an upgraded digital media environment

    18Media Cloud

    19IP Live Production & HFC

  • Easily traverse the virtual and the real

    An open cloud platform environment for stronger links and interactions


    21InterCloud Networks & Cloud Access

  • Open ecology for the ultimate development experience

    Huawei Developer Community: 2,000+ APIs for 500+ cooperative projects to date. Makes innovation easy

    22Open Strategy

    23Online Experience


  • Openness, cooperation, win-win

  • How open IoT drives digital transformation

    Huaweiʼs “Open IoT” initiative includes partners’ innovations to develop “things” and build a wider IoT ecosystem

    25IoT Ecosystem

    26Huawei LiteOS

    27OceanConnect Platform

    28EC-IoT & eLTE-IoT & NB-IoT

  • The leading cloud infrastructure is ready to transform future data centers

    All-modular, intelligent data centers and complete solution coverage are leading the way

    29Smart i-Cube

    30Prefabricated Modular DC


  • Open Cloud DC, connecting businesses — today and tomorrow

    A giant step for cross-industry cloud migration and digital transformation

    32Mission-critical Business

    33Cloud Transformation of Enterprise Business

    34Big Data

  • All-Cloud Network,Enable Digital Transformation

    Huawei's network architecture leverages the all-cloud architecture, provides innovative solutions for customer-oriented scenarios, achieves an optimal experience for customers, and supports the agile innovation of enterprises.


    36CloudEPN & CloudDCI



  • One-stop enterprise cloud communications for collaboration without borders

    Providing open, converged, cloud enterprise communications solutions

    40One Stop Cloud Communications

    41Enterprise Communication Cloud

    42Unlimited Collaboration

    43CEBP Accelerating Productivities

  • Enterprise wireless for innovative, industry-wide smart connections

    4G/4.5G-based enterprise wireless networks will enhance the quality of enterprise communications

    44eLTE Public Safety

    45eLTE Industry Wireless Network

    46eLTE Ecosystem

  • Accelerate cloud production with intelligent services

    Huawei provides global customers with lifecycle ICT services to help them make rapid digital changes and improve their offerings

    47Service Support

    48Professional Services

    49Training & Certification

    50Service Experience

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